Triple Glazing Windows: What Are The Disadvantages?

Ah, the triple glazing conundrum. Is it worth it? Is it not? The discussion goes on and on and on.

Well, here on the Belvoir Edinburgh blog, it’s going on for just two entries. Why? Because we’re just that good, people!

Last week, we took a look at the benefits of triple glazing. And, let us tell you, it was quite the blockbuster.  There were many good points well made. If you didn’t catch that particular blog entry, you can catch it here at Triple Glazing Windows: What Are The Advantages. It is, we think you’ll agree, a smashing read.

Today, however, is the view from the flipside.

What are the disadvantages of triple glazed windows? Could there possibly be any downsides?  Is double glazing really as good as it all gets?

Don’t worry, dear reader. We shan’t keep you in suspense a moment longer. We know you’re dying to know what on earth we are talking about.

What’s wrong with triple glazing? Let’s take a look through this mighty wall of glass and crack on!

It’s Expensive: It should come as no surprise to learn that triple glazing is going to be more expensive than double glazing. But just how much more expensive may bring water to your eyes and a gaping hole in your pocket. The truth of the matter is, getting your home fixed up with triple glazing can cost around twice as much its thinner alternative. Of course, this is not always the case. However, if you want to go down this road, please be warned: expect to pay quite a hefty sum.

It’s Heavy: It stands to reason that if there is going to be more glass involved then there is going to be more weight. It’s to be expected. “So?” you asked. “What’s your point?”.  Well, the extra pounds adds extra pressure and may, especially if not installed perfectly, cause some significant damage to surrounding structures. Frames could be put under greater strain and you could even do some significant damage to the walls around it. Over time, your windows could also begin to creak and function less efficiently.

Natural Heat: Whilst triple glazing might be super great at keeping that lovely warmth from those radiators inside the home, getting the sun’s heat to toast up your living room during a July afternoon might be a lot more difficult. You see, unfortunately, this deal runs both ways. Very little can get through three slices of glass. And that includes the energy from that strange bright ball in the sky.

Bad Materials: One of the aspects we raved about last week with regards to triple glazing was the fact that it was more energy efficient and, therefore, friendlier to the environment. Whilst this is all true and a good reason to consider the project, it’s not really the entire story. It may seem obvious, but triple glazing uses up more materials, which has its own environmental cost. This point alone may not outweigh the benefits in the long run, but it’s still a key point to consider.

UK Weather: Yes, we all complain about the weather here in Scotland quite a bit, but it’s really not as bad as some other places we could mention. And so, the truth of the matter is, if you’re looking to protect yourself from the winter chill, then double glazing is just fine for the climate that we all experience. If you’re moving to Norway or somewhere a lot colder then maybe consider it. But the average winter temperature here in the UK is surprisingly mild and you’re probably just fine with what you’ve got.

Triple glazing is not as common as it’s slightly slimmer sibling and there are some good reasons for that. It can cause its own set of problems and, in actual fact, may be a completely unnecessary venture.

What do you think? Having read up on the pros and cons of an extra layer of glass in your windows, would you be tempted to give it a go? Or do you think that double glazing is more than adequate?

Be sure to let us know!

Until then, we here at Belvoir Edinburgh hope you are all doing well and that you are looking forward to the festive season.

Take care. Stay safe. And happy housekeeping.