Triple Glazing Windows: What Are The Advantages?

Most homes these days are, thankfully, complete with double glazed windows.

In Scotland, as you’ve no doubt noticed, this is especially welcome. Boy, is it chilly out there! And those double glazers are doing their job in keeping the cold out and the heat in, amongst other things.

But what of triple glazed windows? Is triple glazing worth it?

Logic would dictate that it would be. Heck, if double glazing is good then, surely, triple glazing must be doubly good! Right?

Well, as with so much in life, the triple glazing vs double glazing debate is not quite as simple and straight forward as it first might appear.

So, let’s take a moment to first have a look at the pros of triple glazing and see what we can see. Hopefully, by the end of this piece, you’ll have a bit of a clearer idea of whether it is a beneficial move for you.

Window of opportunity? Let’s a take a look!

Keep Heat In: Well, you saw this one coming. With all of that thick glass between you and the outside world, you’ll be keeping an awful lot more of that heat from your home exactly where it is. You’ll have a warmer home and, as a result, a much more energy efficient home, helping you save on those dreaded energy bills. Hot stuff!

Prevents Overheating: What? But didn’t you just say?….Well, yes. But, in those hot summer months (Yes, it can get toasty in Edinburgh), that triple glazing can also help keep the heat out, helping your home stay nice and cool. No more fans required or cool flannels on the forehead. You’ll be able to have your home at a much more comfortable temperature through those sticky August days.

Noise Reduction: If you live near the centre of Edinburgh, you’ll know that things can get a little rackety from time to time, particularly towards the weekend. Well, having that extra pane of glass might be exactly what you need if the noise is preventing you from getting your well-deserved shut eye. That extra barrier can go a long way and you can live your life indoors undisturbed. Sweet dreams.

Harder To Break: Windows can get broken, particularly if you’re living on the ground floor. Stones can get kicked, debris can fall and, yes, someone can deliberately attempt to break an entry. Triple glazing, being a thicker and stronger alternative, will offer that little bit more protection and could be the difference between a disaster and an inconvenience. Something to think about.

Increases Value: Given the advantages noted above, it should come as no surprise to learn that putting in some triple glazing may very well help to increase the value of your home. With global warming being an important subject in today’s world, any way a property can be seen to be more energy efficient will be looked upon favourably.

Putting in some triple glazing to replace the more common double glazing could well be a very good move. The advantages noted above are genuine and compelling.

But is that the whole story?

Next week, we’ll investigate what the possible drawbacks could be of this apparent upgrade.

Do you have an idea of what they could be? Tune in next week to find out what we’ve come up with.