As you step off Haymarket Station in Edinburgh’s stunning West End, the temptation is to venture toward Princes Street or catch a tram to Murrayfield Stadium to watch Scotland beat England in the rugby (cough!). And, whilst these are both truly splendid things to do, you would be missing a trick if you didn’t wonder around the corner through the lips of Dalry and onward to the colourful adventure that follows.

Exciting and diverse, you never know what you are going to come across from one door to the next, which has helped make the area such an attraction to renters and buyers alike. Close enough to the centre to feel connected and far enough away to have its own unique identity, Dalry and Gorgie are both great places to live if you’re after something just a little bit different.

What exactly do these areas have to offer, you say? Well, we’re glad you asked! Because, as it so happens, we are just about to tell you.

So strap yourself in and put on your cool cat shades.  Because we’re about to explore the bright lights of the always up and coming areas of Gorgie and Dalry…… Oh, and make sure to read to the end. There might just be a secret tip hiding for you there.

Sports & Exercise 

We all know that exercise is important. It keeps us healthy, happy and, yes, it helps keeps those gluts firm and fat free. Of course, what we define as participating in exercise varies from person to person. Some like to go at it full on, some like a gentle raising of the heart rate and some just like to watch others pile on the sweat and hope that it’s somehow also doing them some good. Well, luckily for you, all options are on the table here.

Dalry Swim Centre is the perfect place to get your front crawl on and help keep your body and mind as fit as a fiddle. These stunningly kept Victorian baths cater for all levels of swimmer and, let’s face it, who doesn’t like a dip in a pool now and again? Beautiful and with some of the finest staff available to mankind, you’re going to love it. Come on in! The water’s fine!

Gorgie Farm will melt your heart. This lovingly kept community farm has all the sights and smells you’d expect from such a setting, and it is utterly, utterly joyous. Kids will love all of the animals, large and small, doing what they do. But, let’s face it; this is just as much for you as it is for them. Oh, and there is also a great café to take advantage of before or after your trip. What are you waiting for?

Tyncastle Park Stadium sits in the heart of Gorgie and is home to the locals beloved Heart Of Midlothian Football Club. Yes, this is the part where you get to sit and watch others doing all the running. With regular games in the Scottish Premier League, the stadium also boasts a museum, tours and a heritage trail. It’s an open goal. Give it a shot.

Coffee & Cake 

One thing that you’ll never find yourself short of in these areas is a place to kick back and have a bit of a brew. Dalry and Gorgie have so many cafes to choose from that we simply don’t have the fingers and toes to count them all. So, because we’re a nice lot, we’ve compiled four of our favourites for you. You’re welcome, friend.

Troy Café-Bistro looks from the outside as if it’s from a completely different world. And the food, as it happens, is just that. Conveniently located just around the corner from Haymarket Station, this place is quickly becoming an iconic location for those who like their breakfast. No Trojan horse required to get into this place. The staff will welcome you with open arms.

Chapter One  is a very popular establishment in the area and it’s not difficult to see why. You pop in for a coffee, which turns into lunch, which then turns to dessert. Friendly, cosy and with a great selection of food, this independent smash hit will quickly become a favourite of yours and make you thankful for rainy days.

The Clock Cafe has both upstairs and downstairs space because, well, it’s needed. Another very popular one with breakfast, you’re never likely to walk past here and not see someone sitting at the window with a cup in their hand and a smile on their face. Got some time to kill? We suggest hanging out at The Clock.

GF  may sound like an odd name for a café, but it’s actually one of the most fashionable places in the area. What does GF stand for? Well, it’s ‘Good Food’! Good food ‘Gluten Free’! So, whether you are gluten intolerant or just like great grub in a top notch environment, then we may just have found your new home.


If you’re thinking of moving into this area, rest assured, you’re never going to stop being surprised by what you’ll find. With a distinctly international flavour, Gorgie and Dalry has so many stores that will peak the interest of the curiously minded, boredom will simply not be possible. Curious? You should be. Let’s take a look!

Tradycyjne Polskie Wyroby is a great little Polish shop that is bound to get your stomach excited. With a great selection of authentic and reasonably priced traditional products, this excellent store is perfect for those who want to try something new…Oh, and try their sausages. They are absolutely spectacular. Na Zdrowie!

Nouvo Rugs makes the claim of having the finest rugs in Edinburgh. And, frankly, they’re probably right. This family run business on Gorgie Road has a vast selection of rugs in all kinds of sizes. Whatever you’re looking for, you can pretty much be sure that this place can sort it for you. So, if you’ve got a place and you think it might need that something special, definitely give Nouvo Rugs a glance.

Fireside warms you up just by entering the store. Offering a wide selection of fires and fireplaces for any home on any budget, this is the kind of place that is NEEDED in Scotland. If winter gets you down and you’re not a big fan of the November chill, have a think about picking up one of Fireside’s red hot bargains.

Marshall’s The Jewellers  is another high class family run business that you simply must visit, particularly if you love things that sparkle. They have so much neat stuff and any of it would make a great gift for someone you love or, you know, yourself.  And if they don’t quite have what you’re looking for? Well, they have a workshop on site and they’ll try and make it for you! What else needs to be said?

Bars & Restaurants 

If you’re one to treat yourself now and again to a nice meal out or a quiet drink down the local, then you need look no further. Dalry and Gorgie have so much to offer in this department that you are quite simply spoilt for choice. Italian, Spanish, French…The area has it all and more! Here’s a wee taster for you to help whet your appetite.

Caley Sample Room is actually just off Gorgie, but it’s definitely worth the brief walk. This rustic gastropub has the most outstanding food that you can possibly imagine, with a host of cask ales and beers to help wash it all down. A fantastic atmosphere with super friendly staff, this is undoubtedly one of the finest bars in town. One sample and you’ll never turn back.

First Coast will remind you just how sexy Scottish food can be (not that you need reminding, but there it is). Serving top quality dishes at a very reasonable price, this is tasty, homemade grub at its very best. Got an evening free and can’t face the kitchen? Get down to First Coast. It’s oceans of fun.

La Casa Tapas & Mezze might just be the best Tapas restaurant in all of Edinburgh. We know it’s a bold claim. But try it once and we think you’ll find it difficult to disagree. An absolute neighbourhood favourite, this is the ultimate taste of the Mediterranean. Forget the rain and the wind outside. Take yourself somewhere else where the sun always shines and the wine is always pouring. Take yourself to paradise. Take yourself to La Casa.

RiverLife is that something special that has been missing from your world. Fan of French Caribbean food? What are we saying? Of course you are! And if you’re not sure…well, you soon will be. If your taste buds are calling out for something with a bit of smack and pow, then look no further. We’ve found what you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t get much more exciting than this.

And our secret tip?

Wasps Artists’ Studios could just be the area’s biggest secret. Not a lot of people know this, but Gorgie and Dalry have quite the community of artists. With frequent classes and an annual open day to see the creative spirit at work, don’t miss the chance to get involved with this local diamond.

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