Out of Hours Info

What to do in an Emergency

If our office is closed and you have an emergency in the property that you rent, please follow the guide below to establish the best course of action and who to contact. Please advise the contractor that you are a Belvoir Tenant.

If for any reason a Belvoir recommended contractor is unavailable and you require to make alternative arrangements, you can do so and update the office with your situation and invoice on the next working day.

Please ensure that a contractor is called out as an emergency – when a repair is not justified, you will be liable for all costs.


Belvoir Emergency Contractors


  • Celsius Plumbing & Heating – Tel: 0131 258 0848
  • First Plumbing – Fraser on Tel: 07518 357446


  • Lockstar – Tel: 07900 225 039


  • Capital Volts – Craig on Tel: 07955 134580


  • Morningside Building & Plastering – Pat on Tel: 07514082168


  • Drainage Solutions – 24hr Tel: 07742860705

Out Of Hours And Emergency Maintenance

Leaks And Water Ingress

If you notice a leak coming into your property from above you must make the occupier of the property above aware as soon as possible so they can arrange for a plumber to resolve the problem or switch off their water. Let us know of any damage to your property and please use a bucket to collect any water and minimise damage.

If you are made aware of a leak coming from your property let us know as soon as possible and switch off the mains water until a plumber can attend. This will limit damage and stop the water until a plumber can attend. The location of the stopcock can be found on your inventory (can usually be found in a hall, cupboard or by the kitchen sink.)

Power Cut

If you lose power to the whole of your property please check initially that the problem is not a supply issue. You should also see whether your neighbours have the same problem.

If the problem is with your property only, firstly check the fuse box. A faulty appliance may have caused the circuit to trip. Put all switches to the on position that have moved to off and see if the power returns. If the trip switches flick back to the off position turn off every switch, light and socket in the property. Put the trip switches back to the on position. If you now start turning your lights and appliances back on one at a time the trip switch will trip when you switch on the appliance which is causing the fault. Do not use the faulty appliance. If the item belongs to a furnished property, inform us as that it needs replaced.

Gas Leak

If you smell gas or suspect a CO (carbon monoxide) leak you must leave the property and call the national supply service on 0800 111 999, they will attend immediately and investigate the problem. Please ensure you contact us as soon as possible if a fault is detected.

Smoke Alarms

If a smoke alarm is beeping then you need to change the battery, mains wired alarms also have batteries. You may need a flat screwdriver to open the case, if there are not instructions on the unit, you can find the manufacturer’s guide online.

Lost Keys/ Locked Out

Spare keys can be collected during working hours and will need to be returned if you are just needing to gain access to the property. If you lock yourself out during out of hours please contact a locksmith to let you back in, if the locks require changing you will be responsible for the cost of this and for providing a copy of any new keys. We will only consider covering the cost of a Locksmith if there is a genuine fault with the lock, the locksmith will be able to verify this. If this is the case, please keep hold of the invoice or receipt.