Juniper Green

Ah, Juniper Green.

It sounds like the sort of place that should be the title and setting for a daily television soap, doesn’t it? Or even a mystical moon in some distant galaxy where wonders and magic are born and fought over by laser wielding robots and mind reading aliens.

Well, here on earth, Juniper Green is not quite that. In fact, it’s a small village on the outskirts of Edinburgh, 5.5 miles from the city centre.

But don’t let that fool you. There is still much here to amaze and treasure.

Lazing casually along the foothills of the Pentland Hills, this popular suburb of Edinburgh has all the amenities you could wish for in everyday needs, whilst retaining its quiet rural nature and village charm.

Sure, if you want something especially fancy on particularly unique, then a trip to Princes Street is only a whisper away. But life here in Juniper Green is not one to be sniffed at. In fact, it is one to be embraced and adored.

So, forget about your stun guns and put away your tin foiled hats. Let’s take a look at the real Juniper Green. A Juniper Green worth having. A Juniper Green worth living in…… Oh, and make sure to read to the end. There might just be a secret tip hiding for you there.


Life out here might be a bit quieter and slower than the bustling pavements of the Edinburgh city centre, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things available to you that will help keep your mind sharp and your heart pumped. If you’re worried there might be no points of interest in this part of the world, well worry not. We’ve got it covered.

Bloomiehall Park has plenty of space for you to have a jolly early morning jog and some stunning scenery to help spur you along. And, with some great equipment for young kids to play and burn off some of that youthful energy, you can rest assured that this is a safe, family friendly location and one of the best parks around.

Juniper Green Bowling Club  is always looking for new members to get involved with the good old game of bowls, so why not work on your swing and get yourself down to the local club pronto? You’ll make new friends, master the craft of the mighty game and have a fantastic time whilst doing it. What have you got to lose?

Juniper Green Tennis Club may just have the answer for you if bowls isn’t the kind of swing you were looking for. Catering for all ages and abilities, if you’d like to mingle with some of the locals and join in on some great social events, then you should seriously consider joining up with this well organised and friendly organisation. They’ve definitely served an ace here.

Juniper Green Village Hall reminds us that Juniper Green truly is a closely knit sort of place. A community centre owned by the City of Edinburgh Council, this building has been at the heart of the area for a hundred years and will, no doubt, for a hundred more. It is home to all sorts of activities, seven days a week, and can be booked for birthday parties, ceilidhs and so much more. Get involved and be a part of its story.


We may choose to live somewhere a little bit out of the way from all of the super stores, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like or need a wee gander around the shops from time to time. You won’t find a John Lewis or anything of the sort out here in Juniper Green. Instead, what you’ll find is a far more community based shopping experience. And all power to it.

Juniper Flowers  recently featured as one of the best flower delivery options in Edinburgh and it’s not difficult to see why. Whatever the event, this super professional company have a vast range of options for you and will do absolutely everything to make sure you get exactly what you want. Blooming brilliant!

Edinburgh Music Centre claims not to be your average sort of music store. And they’re absolutely right. Originally set up to be a brass and woodwind specialist, this outstanding place now works with a wide range of instruments and provides a wide range of services. We all like to rock out from now and again, so don’t forget to pop in and see what they have to offer.  Let’s make some noise!

Beira , according to Scottish folklore, was the Goddess of winter. And, with this classy and elegant collection of luxury women’s fashion, you’ll most definitely feel out of this world.  Being all about kindness and creativity, what you’ll find here will never be anything short of truly special. We know you’re already beautiful and timeless, but what’s the harm in adding just a little more of the wow-factor?

Food & Drink

We all need to be fed and watered during the day (and sometimes, for us hungry hippos, during the night), so it’s essential that we have somewhere reliable around the neighbourhood that we can go to get our grub on. Sure, we can knock something up at home and it would be more than fine. But, in these busy lives that we lead, having somewhere that we can just pop into and spoil ourselves is a must. Fortunately for you, Juniper Green likes to eat.

Molly’s Delicatessen has your breakfast and lunch totally sorted. With filled rolls, cakes and a cracking cup of coffee, what more could you possibly want?…What’s that? A shop you say? Well, prepare to have your dreams realised! If you’re looking for a place to pick up some of your weekly essentials, fruit a veg and a baked treat here and there, then this is for you. A local classic.

The Railway Inn is a favourite in the area. For those sunny days it has a fantastic outside area to enjoy the warm air and a cool drink. As for the inside, you could not wish for a better bar. Delicious food and drink are guaranteed and the staff are simply as friendly as can be. Welcome to your new favourite dining establishment.

Kinleith Mill gives you that quaint, proper pub experience that every town or village should have. If you’re looking for a warm, no nonsense, reasonably priced gastropub, then you’re on to a winner here. With a wide selection of drinks and varied food menu, you can’t really go wrong with this place. A great spot to hang out with friends and family.

Tanners may just be the friendliest place in the world. In fact, if there’s one word that comes up again and again when people speak of Tanners, it’s ‘friendly’. That in itself should be enough to tempt you through its doors, but this privately owned bar and restaurant also serves up some wildly tasty delights. And, with regular live music and Sky TV?…Why would you ever want to leave?

And our secret tip?

Bobcat Alpacas was established back in 2015 and sits not too far away from Juniper Green. We suspect you like your animals cute and furry, so be sure to pay this spot a visit. With various activities to get involved in, including opportunities to meet and walk with alpacas, there is simply no excuse for not to say hello.

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