Balerno is a dream for people who like to spend quality time wandering the great outdoors.

Located around seven miles south west of Edinburgh city centre and sitting right next door to the likes of Currie and Juniper Green, this peaceful village has quick and easy access to the Pentland Hills Regional Park.

The village itself is attractive and homely with everything a family needs to grow and thrive without losing touch with the city itself, thanks to its excellent transport links.

Though peaceful, there is still much to do if trekking the hills isn’t quite your thing. With great shops, delicious places to eat and drink and some intriguing other delights that you might not expect in an area such as this, Balerno is a lovely environment to set up an a new home and a new life.

So, what’s this place all about? What does it have to keep you entertained and nourished?

Well, let’s take a trip over to the outskirts of our great city and see what it’s all about!… Oh, and make sure to read to the end. There might just be a secret tip hiding for you there.


Balerno is a beautiful little spot and a great place to grow up. What makes it so great? Well, there’s so much to see and do in a location that never loses its rural identity. Lovely walks and a warm sense of community, Balerno has a charm that we think will win even the hardest of hearts over. Let’s take a look at what you can get up to.

Malleny Garden is a marvellous hidden treasure on the outskirts of the capital. The stunning surroundings will help put your mind at ease and, if a gentle stroll and quiet contemplation is your thing, then this peaceful paradise will most definitely suit you down to the ground. And, you can even book the garden for an event! Cocktail party?  Yes, please!

Red Moss Of Balerno sits on the edge of the Pentland Hills and is the only raised bog in the city. Why visit? Well, it’s great for walking all year around and you’ll be bound to come across an array of interesting wildlife that kids, in particular, will find fascinating.  A circular boardwalk leads around the reserve where frogs, dragonflies and so much more will be waiting to be discovered.

Harlaw Reservoir continues our theme of fun walks and sightseeing. A favourite walk for locals and an entertaining time for the kids, the ramble around the reservoir has lots of points of interest and will most definitely be worth revisiting again and again. You may even see some fishermen trying to make a catch. Fancy fish for supper?

Balerno Village Screen has just what you need if you just fancy staying indoors for once. A community cinema with heart and soul, Balerno Village Screen proves that you don’t need to venture into the city to get your monthly movie fix. Always with an interesting selection and a great, friendly atmosphere, be sure to get involved in their free screenings. An Oscar worthy blockbuster.


Like many places out on the edges of the city, you’re not really in prime position here when it comes to megastores. If you really want that kind of life, then maybe somewhere nearer the centre is really more to your suiting. But that doesn’t mean that Balerno is entirely without its retail thrills. It’s all just got a bit more of a local flavour. But, you know what? That’s no bad thing.

Balerno Hardware is a good old fashioned sort of shop that every real community needs to have at its core. We all have those bits and pieces missing from our tool kit, whether it’s for the house or the garden. But this great store will be pretty much guaranteed to have exactly what you’re looking for. And, yes, that includes friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Balerno Pharmacy  has all the right ingredients when it comes to taking care of the health of you and the ones you love. Recently entering into the Lindsay & Gilmour family in 2021, this outstanding pharmacy truly cares. So efficient and so lovely, you’ll be thankful to have them so close by. Just the medicine you need.

Food & Drink

Whether you just haven’t got the time or you just fancy a wee treat, having somewhere local where you can go for a bite to eat, and maybe a cheeky drink, is always welcome. Here in Balerno, you’re never going to be short of options when it comes to grabbing a tasty bite. Feeling hungry? A little thirsty? Let’s go out!

The Mill Café  brings you back to a community café spirit in a world seemingly dominated by multinational coffeehouse chains. Run by a team of dedicated volunteers, this bubbly number is a soft spot for many of the locals. Serving warm and cold drinks, scones and pastries, soups and lunches…this is what café culture should really be all about.  A jewel of Balerno.

Carlyle’s Bar & Kitchen might just be the cosiest place in the world…We’re not kidding. The staff are as sweet as candy and the food feels like a giant, warm hug from your mum. There are tables inside and out, so you can take your pick on a warm day. Oh, and people rave about their waffles. Why? Because you’ve never had waffles like this before.  Open from morning, this place is a breakfast game changer.

The Balerno Inn says it all. If you live here, you have to come here. Whether for food, drink or both, this friendly venue, like any good pub, is an absolute staple of the community. There are rooms available if you have guests coming to the area or if you fancy a change of scenery for a special occasion. Otherwise, check out their tasty menus…We mean the food described on them. The menus themselves are not, to our knowledge, edible.

The Grey Horse Inn is a cosy village pub and exactly what you’ve been looking for. Having charming staff and a great selection of beers isn’t always a given these days, but in this lovely old pub you certainly won’t be disappointed. And with a separate restaurant and function room, all of your needs will be catered for. A super establishment.

And our secret tip?

Balerno Farmers Market gives us what we all want and need in our lives. Is there anything better than a farmers market? It’s unlikely. And this one really is at the top of the tree when it comes to that sort of experience. Held on the second Saturday of every month, put the dates in your diary. It’s a joy.

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