Sitting less than a mile away from the bustling West End of Princes Street, Bruntsfield is a cosy little cultural hub, little known to tourists and adored by the locals.

Originally named “Brounysfelde” after the owner of Bruntsfield House, this sunny suburb shines an appealing old world charm, inviting a village like sense of being that is both comforting and practical.  From the Butcher to the Fishmonger, from the school to the churches, there is a warm and recognisable aura about the place that can probably be summed up with one invaluable word: community.

But that’s just the beginning. There is so much to love and to do here, that we really must delve in a little deeper and have a proper good look at everything the area has got to offer. So let’s begin!…Oh, and make sure to read to the end. There might just be a secret tip hiding for you there.

Parks & Recreation 

We all know that Edinburgh is a wonderful walking city, so it should be no surprise to learn that a stroll through Bruntsfield is going to be nothing short of pleasurable. The chilled out atmosphere, the independent shops, bars and restaurants…It’s a sight you’re never likely to tire of. But there is more for you, if a stretch of the legs is what you’re after.

Bruntsfield Links has 35 acres of open parkland that is a great way to blow away some cobwebs or escape from it all after a tough day. Whether it’s a quiet walk, a gentle jog or a picnic with friends, there is ample space at Bruntsfield Links to enjoy your free time and take in the stunning sights around you. And, if you’re feeling especially playful…

Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club is right there for you if you want to practice your swing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or are an absolute beginner that just wants to pick up some moves, this historic course is open for play from late April right through until September. A must for anyone keen on the good old Scottish game of Golf.

Coffee & Cake 

Few places sum up the Edinburgh café scene quite like Bruntsfield. If you like your coffee and a little bit of something sweet on the side then, ladies and gentlemen, this is the place for you.  Yes, you have the usual suspects dotted around you, but why not take a chance and try something different? We think you will be suitably impressed by what Bruntsfield has to offer.

Artisan Coffee is a snug little café with amazing coffees from around the world. If you like sitting at a window on a tall stool and watching the world go by, then this will suit you down to the ground. Chilled out, simple and with some of the best baristas you’re ever likely to meet. Put this one on your list.

La Barantine just oozes yumminess. If you can walk in here and come out having not sampled at least one of their delicious delights, then you are far stronger than us. This authentic French Bakery will have you think you’d found foodie heaven. Check out the menu and see for yourself. Gosh!

Honeycomb & Co is a top favourite amongst people in Bruntsfield. If the sun is out, you will almost definitely see gatherings outside, sipping on beverages and enjoying something fabulously tasty. Absolutely top quality and with a stunning range to choose from, this place is as sweet as they come. Whether it’s just for a coffee or a bite to eat, you will be visiting here at some stage.

Modern Standard Coffee is the new independent kid on the block. And it is making quite the impression. Opening in December 2020 (That’s right! During the pandemic!), their house coffee is roasted up in Glenrothes and, boy, is it good. Like your Flat Whites smooth and creamy? Give Modern Standard Coffee a try.


One of the highlights of taking a walk through this area is, undoubtedly, the Bruntsfield shops. Independent, quirky and brilliant, there are stores here that will have things that you didn’t even know you wanted. Even if you just like a little bit of harmless window shopping on a Saturday afternoon, there’s enough here to seriously stimulate the senses and inspire some great gift ideas for those nearest and dearest to you.

Edinburgh Book Shop is an award winning independent store that is bound to have you returning again and again for all of your reading needs. With a wide range of material and a small gang of endlessly helpful staff, this is a much loved part of the Bruntsfield scene and highly recommended for all book lovers, young and old.

Halibut & Herring is one of those places that is small, but very hard to miss. This fabulous little shop screams ‘eccentric’ from the outside and the inside is just a wonderland of beautiful brilliance. With gifts of all shapes and sizes, you never know quite what you are going to come across. If you’re stuck for ideas come December, definitely pay this place a visit.

Rosie Brown Jewellery is a very stylish store for those that like a bit of sparkle. If bling is your thing, then this find is going to make you sing. With stunning, creative designs, you really can’t go much wrong with this awesome collection of gold and silver delights. We’re confident you’ll find something here that you’ll treasure forever. Go on. Treat yourself.

Andiamo is the place to go for you ladies looking for something stylish to rock the weekend. Tasteful and reasonably priced, if you go into this shop we promise you that you are bound to come out with a smile on your face. And it’s not just the clothes. The staff are simply second to none. Warm, bubbly and, of course, helpful, this is an experience that you are simply not going to want to miss.

Bars & Restaurants 

After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing quite like relaxing with a slap up meal and a glass of something special to make the world seem right again. Fortunately for you, the Bruntsfield restaurant and bar scene is one of the best in the city. With high quality food and a variety of beverages from around the globe, there is plenty for you here to sample and enjoy.

Montpeliers is an absolute must if you’re in Bruntsfield. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food here really is something else (the Eggs Benedict is to die for!). And if you just fancy a drink with friends, this is the prefect meeting place. A great atmosphere, always in fashion and heaps of fun. A must.

Decanter is a wine lovers dream. Relatively new to the scene, this fabulous winery and dinery has a comprehensive wine list that will have you licking your lips. If you have a free evening (and maybe a free morning the next day) then this lovely little den of deliciousness is a treat you’ll never forget…Oh, and the food is amazing!

Tempo Perso is the Italian charmer of Bruntsfield. If you like your Mediterranean flavours and know your Tortellini from your ravioli, then you may very well have found your paradise in this tidy little gem. Romantic and sophisticated, in the way only Italians can be, this is a splendid choice for an evening when you just want to have something super scrumptious. Bellissimo!

Three Birds is British food at its best. Simple, elegant and bursting with flavour, this superb restaurant offers a relaxed vibe in a stylish and contemporary setting that is bound to win you over. A firm favourite with the locals, this is a great place to dine with family, friends or that special someone.

And our secret tip?

Bruntsfield Christmas is a highlight of the annual calendar. We talked about the sense of community a little earlier and this truly comes to life during this festive event. With late night shopping, free mulled wine, Prosecco and other Christmassy flavours dusting the air, this joyous evening will surely put you in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year.

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