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Strings of Union Jack bunts festive decoration in London England

Platinum Property Prices

As the nation prepares to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we’ve looked back at changes in the housing market during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

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How to Pay off your Mortgage Early

A mortgage is a hefty financial burden and is there for decades. Many of us dream of paying off our mortgages early and freeing ourselves from that burden and spend the money on enjoying life to the full. Who doesn’t want that all expenses paid holiday of a lifetime? What about that nippy little sports car you’ve always wanted? Paying off your mortgage early can pave the way to these luxuries, but it sometimes feels like an impossible dream. In this article we will look at ways you can pay your mortgage off early.

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hand building home with wooden blocks, Ukraine flag colors

Homes for Ukraine Scheme

In an attempt to help the people of the Ukraine, the Government has launched its “Homes for Ukraine” scheme which is aimed at incentivising people in the UK to open their homes to Ukrainian refugees. In this article we will take a look at the scheme with an emphasis on how landlords can offer assistance.

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Old Town Tenby, Wales, on a Clear Spring Day

New Tax Rules for Second Homes in Wales

n this article we will take a look at those changes which are being introduced as part of the co-operation agreement between the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru.

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Puzzle house with a missing piece. The acquisition or construction comfortable dream home. Mortgage loan purchase real estate. Arrangement premises repair. Availability and cheapness. Finish building

What Does Tenants In Common Mean?

It might be a surprise to learn that the phrase “tenants in common” has nothing to do with renting a property and everything to do with buying one. Usually this applies when you buy a property with someone and the parties are not married. In this article we will explain the legal definition of tenants in common.

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EEMC 8mar22-5-min

Belvoir launches Route 166 charity fundraiser

Belvoir used its recent annual conference to launch a Route 166 charity fundraiser, which will commence in August 2022.

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Brand new installed double glazing windows seen in a house annex

Benefits of upgrading your glazing

We look at all the benefits of upgrading your glazing and review the modern options available should you decide to do so.

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Charming girl unpacking books while her friend cleaning floor

What Happens At The End Of Your Tenancy?

We will walk you through the process of moving out of a rental property so that you know what to expect.

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Young Couple In Lounge At Home Reading Instructions For Flat Pac

Common Mistakes First Time Buyers Make

We take a look at the most common things that first time buyers tend to overlook when looking at buying their first home.

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What Is Fair Wear And Tear?

What would be considered fair wear and tear? Read more here.

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Colorful Easter eggs in basket. Kids hunt for eggs outdoors.

How To Decorate Eggs For Easter

There are so many wonderful traditions relating to Easter, egg hunts, the giving and receiving of chocolate Easter eggs, family celebrations and decorations. One of our favourite activities at this time of year is decorating eggs. In this article we guide you through how to prepare your eggs and share some neat decorating ideas.

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A Guide to Tenancy Deposit Protection

Deposits are an important part of any tenancy and help protect a landlord against any financial losses caused by a tenant. There are also protections for tenants and to ensure that a landlord does not unreasonably withhold a deposit, a landlord must place the deposit amount into any one of the three Government-approved schemes In this article, we look at the Tenancy Deposit Protection schemes and answer some FAQ’s. 

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