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Terrace houses in a small costal town in south west England.

Rental Market Review: First Half of 2024

As we pass the halfway mark of 2024, it’s an ideal time to assess the performance of the private rental market in the UK.

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Image representing fixed rate mortgages

Fixed Rate Mortgages Remain Popular

The landscape of the UK mortgage market has seen many shifts over the years, but one constant remains: the popularity of fixed-rate mortgages.

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Image reflecting taking a closer look at the rental market

Average Rental Figures by Region

This article, based on data from Zoopla, provides an overview of rental prices across the regions in the UK, helping you understand the current landscape and what you can expect.

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Image reflective completing a property purchase

Is it Cheaper to Buy than Rent?

Deciding whether to buy a home or continue renting is a significant financial decision that many individuals face.

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New detached houses in a quiet road. UK

House Prices Continue a Steady Growth

House prices across the UK have shown a promising resurgence, marking a return to positive growth for the first time since August of last year.

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house model and money coins saving for concept saving money for buying a house, investment mortgage finance, and home loan refinance financial plan home

Can You Sell Your Home if the Mortgage is in Arrears?

In this article, we explore mortgage arrears, the possibility of selling your home under these circumstances, and what steps you should take to navigate this process effectively.

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Magnifying glass, pen, calculator and notebook written with Capital Gains Tax. Business and finance concept.

Capital Gains Tax and When It Applies

When it comes to selling property in the UK, understanding the implications of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is crucial.

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Visual Representation of Cashback Mortgage with houses and a bag of money

What is a Cashback Mortgage and How Does It Work?

In this article we will look into the specifics of cashback mortgages, the advantages and disadvantages, answering key questions and provide insights.

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Houses in the UK

Election and the Housing Market: What to Expect

As the UK gears up for the general election, many are pondering its potential impact on various sectors, including the housing market.

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Concept of the housing market, showcasing residential real estate development, property investment growth, and the upward trend in housing sales and prices.

UK Sales Market Continues to Improve

In this article, we delve into the data provided by Dataloft to understand the current landscape, key indicators of market health, and what this means for buyers and sellers alike.

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House representing cash buyer

Rise in Cash Buyers

The UK property market is experiencing a notable shift towards cash purchases, a trend that is reshaping the landscape of home buying.

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Energy efficiency and green energy concept, woman hand holding tablet and looking at house efficiency rating.

Energy Efficiency Matters When Selling Your Home

As the UK housing market continues to evolve, one trend has become increasingly clear: buyers are prioritising energy efficiency.

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