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Concept of the housing market, showcasing residential real estate development, property investment growth, and the upward trend in housing sales and prices.

UK Sales Market Continues to Improve

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House representing cash buyer

Rise in Cash Buyers

The UK property market is experiencing a notable shift towards cash purchases, a trend that is reshaping the landscape of home buying.

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Energy efficiency and green energy concept, woman hand holding tablet and looking at house efficiency rating.

Energy Efficiency Matters When Selling Your Home

As the UK housing market continues to evolve, one trend has become increasingly clear: buyers are prioritising energy efficiency.

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Summer Home Style Ideas

Whether you’re planning a full makeover or just a few tweaks, here are the latest home style trends to help you create a stunning summer sanctuary.

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Is Your Mortgage on the Standard Variable Rate? You Could Be Paying Over The Odds!

The mortgage landscape in the UK is constantly evolving, and homeowners need to stay informed to make the most financially savvy decisions.

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Portrait of young woman holding keys of her new home.

Over a Third of First Time Buyers Rely on Bank of Mum and Dad

The property market has always presented challenges for first-time buyers, but recent trends indicate a significant reliance on family support

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EPC Recommendations

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are crucial tools in the UK housing market, serving as a gauge of a property's energy efficiency.

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Mortgage Approvals Are Improving

In an encouraging sign for prospective homeowners and the property market, recent data indicates a significant improvement in the number of mortgage approvals.

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House model and house keys on the table

The Most Cost-Effective Areas to Rent a Home in the UK

Finding an affordable place to rent in the UK can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, based on the latest data from Zoopla, certain areas stand out for their cost-effectiveness.

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Houses in the UK

First Time Buyer Hotspots: The Most Affordable Places to Live in the UK

Recent data from Dataloft reveals a significant shift, with the number of first-time buyers in 2023 dropping by 21% compared to the previous year

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Typical terraced houses in Bristol, England

Number of Over 50 First Time Buyers Rises by Over 30%

According to recent data analysis provided by Dataloft, this demographic has seen an increase of over 30% in the past five years.

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Beautiful garden with hydrangeas in Brittany

Selling Your Home In Spring

This article delves into the specifics, presenting compelling reasons why now could be the perfect time to consider listing your property.

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