There is something quietly comforting about the sleepy old neighbourhood of Stockbridge. Quaint, elegant, bohemian…there are all kinds of words that will settle into your mind as you stroll, peacefully, past its inviting delis, dreamy independent stores and charming little cafes. One word that comes to many who come here is one that we’re pretty sure will come to you. That word?… Home.

Yes, it may all sound very corny and you may think we’re beefing it up on the romance front here for that whimsical Richard Curtis effect, but even the hardest of hearts will struggle not to get all gooey chested at the sight of this postcard perfect location.

Sitting handsomely on the legendary Water Of Leith just north of the city centre and blessed with some of the most beautiful Georgian and Victorian houses around, the place is an absolute feast for the heart, mind and soul. If you want something a bit more relaxed, but don’t want to be too far from all the action, then this, dear friends, is the ideal spot for you.

Tickled your interest? Would like to know a trifle more? Well then, let us wander a few steps further.

Come with us now as we take a stroll through some of the many delights that can be found in this picturesque and popular location. We think you’ll agree it’ll be worth the trip… Oh, and make sure to read to the end. There might just be a secret tip hiding for you there.


When it comes to having a wee walk around and admiring life’s beauty, you’re in safe hands in Stockbridge. Of course, the same could be said for much of Edinburgh. It is, after all, ridiculously pretty. But if we were to pick somewhere where nature just lifts it all up a scale, then Stockbridge just might be the champion of champions.

Water Of Leith weaves its way through Stockbridge like some wild, mystical creature and is definitely one to have a go at if you’re a serious walker. You could just venture over to Dean Village, a stunning spot just a short hop from the Stockbridge centre, if too much exercise isn’t your thing. Or why not try the whole hog from the Pentland Hills down to the Firth Of Forth?…Oh, and look out for the wildlife! You may just see a Heron or Otter if you keep your eyes peeled.

Inverleith Park sits just to the north of Stockbridge and is a great place to go for a leisurely jaunt or a competitive knock around with a rugby ball. With a great kids play park and even a boating pond on the south side, this is a space for absolutely everyone. With a view of the Edinburgh skyline and Pentland Hills thrown in for good measure, you’ll be glad to live so close.

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh is about as close to paradise as you can possibly get.  A popular tourist attraction as well as a centre for the studies of plants, it’s very easy to forget you are in a capital city as you wander through the acres of lush gardens and woodlands on offer.  An absolutely beauty that will banish any negative emotions upon entry.

Coffee & Cake 

With all of that walking under your belt, chances are you’ve got a bit of a hunger on and could do with a little liquid refreshment to quench your thirst. Well, luckily for you, Stockbridge has a fountain of options when to comes to cafes, with some of the finest beverages and bites in town.

The Pastry Section  claims to have the best sweet treats in town. And you know what? They may just be right. Founded in 2017, this treasure in the heart of Stockbridge is well known locally for its outstanding cakes and coffees, as well as it’s rather stylish interior. If you’re feeling glum, their exquisite gateaux might just change your life. Yummo!

Cowan & Sons is often busy and it’s not difficult to see why. An independent, family owned and run café, Cowan & Sons has been serving locals for nearly 25 years now and it’s time that you became a part of its story.  The interior design is charming and matched only by the staff, who are all as sweet as fairground candy. A grand experience all round.

Fortitude Cafe proves beyond all doubt that heaven exists if you are a coffee lover. With a super variety of liquid tastes to choose from, and not shy of a nibble or two either, it is always a treat paying this marvellous number a visit. Do yourself a favour and indulge in its flavours. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll never turn back.

Artisan Roast has a number of stores around Edinburgh and its success is down to one thing: outstanding coffee. A perfect spot to sip at the tip of a warm cup and enjoy the sites that trickle by the café window, you really can’t go wrong with Artisan coffee. The finest coffee chain in Edinburgh? We’ll let you decided.


Sometimes we all need a dash of retail therapy to help take the edge off the working week. And why not? Goodness knows you deserve it. You work hard and have every right to get out there and jolly well play hard. So, if a gander around the shops is your thing and you get a tingle up your spine every time you hear the joyous beep of a fully operational electronic till, then be sure to check out these lovable locations that are sure to get your motor running.

An Independent Zebra  originally began life as a pop up store in 2016, but has since taken off and has been embraced by the local community. With stock from over 125 small UK independent businesses, this organisation is all about supporting talent. And that talent is on display all around the store. Fun, original and lovably kooky, there’s a surprise on every shelf. Do pay it a visit.

Galerie Mirages might skip your notice if you’re casually wondering down the Stockbridge main street, so be sure to keep your eyes open (always advised). But don’t worry. It will absolutely worth it. This place is an Aladdin’s Cave, full for everything that you didn’t know you wanted. Jewellery, candles, boxes…There are treasures from all over the world in this mysterious wonderland. You could go every day and never get bored. Why not start now?

Henderson Artshop has just what you need to add a splash of colour and culture to your home.  Around now for over 47 years, Hendersons Artshop has a variety of works to suit all sorts of tastes. Or, if you fancy giving the painting game a bit of a go yourself, you can discover all the essential materials you need right here. Pick up a brush. Let’s get creative.

Golden Hare Books is an award winning independent bookstore than is bound to win over your heart. You’ve got the quiet, waterside benches. You’ve got the cute coffee shops. Now, all you need is a good book to help complete the picture. Well, here you are, dear reader. Stylish and super-friendly, this is what we all dream bookshops should be. A must for any word nerd.

Bars & Restaurants 

Every community needs at least one decent bar and/or restaurant. Stockbridge has a right royal tonne of both. You don’t need to venture all the way into town for a drinkable glass of wine or a meal worthy of memory. You have it all right here on your doorstep. Oh, you lucky thing.

The Bailie is what you might call a ‘proper’ pub. It is, as it claims itself, “Like your local should be”. Never without a buzz in the air, you’re quite likely to see the same old characters there on a daily basis. But don’t let that trick you into thinking that you won’t be welcome. This traditional drinking house is as friendly as they come. And it’s not all about the ale and spirits. Their food is second to none and the perfect place to feed your belly after a long, hard day at the office.

Hamilton’s offers a uniquely chilled out atmosphere for those who like to relax and enjoy great food and drink without any stresses. Opening back in 2008, this cracking hangout has gone from strength to strength since its inception and has now firmly established itself as a favourite with the locals. They even do breakfast from 9am! What more could you want?

Hector’s gives you exactly what it says it does: a Stockbridge pub with a big heart. A modern pub with great British grub, this is a no nonsense sort of place. Great selection of beers and spirits, tasty food and super friendly staff…Well, you just have to go there. You’ll love it.

The Stockbridge Restaurant , despite what their website says, is very much fine dining. But it is also unpretentious, relaxed and, most importantly of all, utterly fantastic. A family run affair, the loving ambiance of the place will make you feel utterly at ease and the food…gosh, the food…It is scrumptious, creative and totally unforgettable. It’ll flick the reset button on your world. Remarkable.

And our secret tip?

Stockbridge Market is not so much a secret to the locals, but if you don’t live in the area you might have missed it. This popular gathering pops up every Sunday and has great selections of foods, Jewellery and other lovely bits and bobs to browse over.  If you do anything on your Sunday, then make it this. Whatever else are Sundays for?


Contac the Edinburgh Team

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