Fountainbridge is an area that has changed a lot over the years. And, most would probably agree, overwhelmingly for the better.

Once dominated by the famous Fountainbridge Brewery, this constantly evolving area now has an array of popular hangout spots to entertain all ages. If getting out at the weekend and doing something fun with the family is your bag, then you, dear reader, are in for a right proper party. Have you heard of Fountain Park? No? Well, you will. Prepare to have your minds blown!

There is, however, also much tranquillity to be found close by.

Just off Fountain Park is the popular residential area of Polworth, which has a stunning canal cutting right through its centre and a great place to take a moment and breathe. If you like a gentle evening stroll or feel your Instagram account could do with the inclusion of a cute Swan or two, then this is the dream for you. Or maybe a Sunday morning coffee in a lovingly run coffee shop is more your lifestyle?

Not enough? Well, that’s okay. Because we’ve got a tonne more stuff to get through. So, put on your training shoes, folks! Because we’re going to take a gander through the very best of what Fouintainbridge and Polworth have to offer… Oh, and make sure to read to the end. There might just be a secret tip hiding for you there.


We all love a bit of a wander from time to time. It clears the head, gets the body moving and gives you an opportunity to slow down and admire everything around you. Edinburgh is a great place for this. Let’s face it, there’s an awful lot to admire. Here in Fountainbridge/Polworth it’s no different. In fact, you are especially lucky.

Union Canal is a great place to meet up with friends and just find yourself a little alone time. Often frequented by joggers, cyclists and the occasional wildlife, you can walk for miles here and never get bored of its dazzling beauty. Get your camera ready. You’re going to need it.

Harrison Park offers a vast range of space for those who like to give the dogs a bit of a run or have a kick around with the kids. During summer you’ll quite likely see groups of people lazing out in the sunshine enjoying a picnic or just breathing in the great outdoors. If you’re partial to a bit of park life, then you will want to check this place out.

Coffee & Cake 

Everybody likes a bit of coffee and cake. Sometimes it’s a rare treat. Sometimes it’s a day to day occurrence. Whatever your frequency, taste or budget, Fountainbridge and Polworth are both excellent places to enjoy a hot drink and a delicious side. Not into your big coffee chains and would like to try something new? Look no further.

The Counter On The Canal brings you exactly what you need if you’re out for a walk along the water on a bright, sunny day. A blue canal barge turned into a super coffee shop, this quirky addition to the area serves great hot beverages and a fine selection of cakes for all tastes. This will really float your boat.

Loudens first opened up on Fountainbridge back in 2011 and is now a multi award winning café that will surely have you coming back for more, over and over again. Always buzzing and with an astonishing selection of fantastic quality food and drink, this is undoubtedly one of the best places in Edinburgh for breakfast and brunch. Check it out! You’ll never turn back.

Café Florentin has a feel about it that just makes you want to stay there and drink coffee all day. A firm favourite with the locals, this Polworth café is just made for Sunday mornings. Luckily for you, this little treat is open 7 days a week! So you can enjoy their fantastic tasty goods pretty much whenever you want. Sheesh! You are spoilt!

Piecebox sits just a few doors down from Café Florentin and is equally as delightful. With a staggering menu (check out their desserts!) and a comfortable atmosphere, this lovely café really is the bee’s knees. The staff are adorable, the food is to die for…we just cannot speak highly enough of this tantalising box of treats.


Remember how earlier on we mentioned a certain little place called Fountain Park? Well, allow us now to elaborate. It isn’t, as a matter of fact, at all little. In fact, it is one huge, giant heap of fun! What kind of fun? Calm yourself, dear reader. We’re just about to tell you. Trust us; if you move to Fountain Park or Polworth, you’re going to be spending a whole heap of your spare time right here.

Cineworld boasts 13 fully digital screens and is about to be your home away from home. With the only IMAX screen in Edinburgh and the only Screen X in the entire of Scotland, this cinema experience is not to be missed by anyone who loves film. Oh, and then there’s the Unlimited Card! A set monthly price for as many films as you want! Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse.

Volcano Falls is the craziest of crazy golf adventures.  Set on a mysterious island with dinosaurs, waterfalls and, yes, volcanoes, this 18 hole golf course is like none you have ever likely come across before. Wild fun for all the family, this is a terrific way to spend a couple of hours if you’re after something a little bit different. A hole in one.

Tenpin has pretty much everything you require to have a good time. Tenpin bowling, pool tables, arcade machines, food and drink…Well, you get the idea. Whether it’s for the kids or the kid in you, the colours and lights of this entertainment extravaganza will daze and delight. A perfect strike in our opinion.

Canal Boat Trips are not, as you may have gathered, in Fountain Park. In fact, we find ourselves back at the beautiful Union Canal where you can enjoy a lovely ride on one of the superb canal boats. Relax, unwind and maybe even enjoy a refreshing beverage as you slip through the peaceful surroundings. An utterly magical experience.

Bars & Restaurants 

So, you’ve had a nice round of crazy golf. You’ve caught the latest blockbuster at the local multiplex. Suddenly, you notice it’s a little late. You’re hungry. You’re thirsty.  You want to go somewhere to eat, drink and talk about the ludicrous plot of that latest superhero flick…Don’t worry. We’ve got this. Bars and restaurants? Consider it done.

The Fountain might just be the most popular bar in the area. A great meeting point with friends or colleagues after work, this perfect haunt has gained a reputation over the years for its vast selection of drinks and truly outstanding food. So, kick up and chair and get comfy. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

The Golden Rule is everything a great local pub should be. Don’t be surprised if you keep on seeing the same old familiar faces on each of your visits. The locals know quality when they see it and The Golden Rule is quality. With some of Scotland’s finest cask ales, as well as a range of spirits and soft drinks, you are never going to go without a liquid refreshment here. If you’re local, you have to come here. That’s the golden rule.

Piatto Verde is absolute Italian perfection. Could it be the best Italian restaurant in all of Edinburgh? We almost certainly think so. Small, rustic and with bags of character, this gem of a place is not known by everyone in the city, but those who know it always come back. The food is top quality (the pizzas are amazing!) and the prices are unbelievably reasonable. Don’t even think about it. Just get over there.

Toro Latino offers the sort of atmosphere that belongs to the weekend…Except, here, it’s the weekend every day. If what you’re after is something a little special, fun and extra tasty, then this is most definitely the spot for you. The steaks are amazing, but it’s the staff that really make this place crackle. So prompt and friendly, you’ll never want to leave. Outstanding!

And our secret tip?

Sean Connery was born in Fountainbridge on 25th August, 1938. A plaque in his honour can now be found on a block of modern flats, close to the sight where he grew up. Why not pay it a visit? Have your photograph taken next to the name of the great Scot.

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