Sandwiched between Juniper Green and Balerno on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Currie is a delightful little village that we think will be well suited to your taste.

Easily accessible to the city centre and within a skips distance to the glorious Pentland Hills, this semi-rural location has pretty much everything you could possibly want to live a comfortable and enjoyable life.

Much like other spots out here on the fringes of the capital, there’s a definite sense of community out here that, perhaps, can be missing from the centre’s roaring lights. From the pubs to the post office, from the church to the cafes, you’ll notice an especially comforting aura about the place and a sense that you’ll never be far away from someone you know.

Fancy joining in on its story?

Well, let’s take a moment and have a look to see exactly what this area is all about. What’s there to do? Where’s good to eat? Read on and we’ll hit you with all you need to know… ..Oh, and make sure to read to the end. There might just be a secret tip hiding for you there.


We may be sitting on the fringes of our great capital out here in sunny Currie, but that doesn’t mean that there is nowt around to keep you entertained. No, there are no multiplex cinemas or booming nightclubs. That’s not what this place is all about. You want something a bit slower and a bit more manageable? If the answer is yes, then Currie might just be for you.

Muir Wood Park is a beautiful space to recharge you batteries and take a break from it all. With a lovely woodland walk and a great little play park for the kids, this attractive escape is highly popular with the locals and we think that you’ll love spending some time here again and again. A glorious way to spend your free time.

Currie Bowling Club may be one of the best places to socialise in the village. Whether you’re into bowling or not, this fantastic gem is so much more than just a bowling club. With various activities and a bargain membership with top benefits, you’ll be an absolute mug not to get involved. So, roll on down and get on the ball.

Currie Community Centre holds all sorts of events throughout the year and is there for absolutely everyone within the local area. Whatever you’re into and whatever your ability, this excellent venue is a great resource for the community. Well run and always willing to go that extra mile, it’s definitely a five star review from us.

Currie Kirk and its stunning grounds has just what you need if those hectic social events aren’t quite for you. The historic building itself is a wonder to behold and provides many services for the local community. If air and space is what you need, then take a walk around the area that surrounds it. We guarantee you’ll feel peace and calm wash over you. Perfect.


You might worry that, because you’re not deep into town, you might have a problem getting all the bits and pieces you need on a daily basis. Well, worry not. As we mentioned above, you won’t find the dramatic and the spectacular out here in Currie. This is much more about the real, everyday life. And thank goodness for that.

Splash Bathrooms has just what you need if you’re moving into the area and need some top notch work done on your bathroom. From start to finish you will be guided by the experienced and friendly staff to help you achieve the gold standard that you and your home deserve. Bathroom design at the very highest class.

Pentland Carpets , much like Splash Bathrooms, will do a great job in helping you get your new home looking absolutely top drawer. It may look small and unassuming from the outside, but these people know their stuff. First class service and very reasonably priced, you’d be unlikely to find anywhere as good as this nearby.

M McGill Butchers gets a mention here because it is the kind of service that belongs at the absolute heart of every community. Yes, you could put it in the ‘Food & Drink’ section below, but we believe this is a place you browse and shop. If excellent meat produce is what you’re after, then look no further.

Food & Drink

It’s no big secret that, here in Edinburgh, we like to eat. In fact, we like to eat a lot. So, wherever we are in the city, it’s important to know that there is somewhere close by where we can squash our hunger and maybe have something nice and refreshing to wash it all down with. Well, here in Currie, it is no different. Got the belly grumbles? Prepare to nosh!

The Corner Cafe is the sort of first-class eatery that every neighbourhood needs. Whatever your taste in food, this lovely local café will surely have something to satisfy your cravings. From a full cooked breakfast to light and airy scones, this place has got it all down to a tea. Oh, and speaking of tea, there hot drinks selection is perfect for a rainy day. Super service and super tasty goodies.

Blossom Tree Cafe loves to please. And, dear reader, they love it because they are very good at it. If you’re craving something out of this world tasty, then you are in for an absolute treat. It’s a small business, but offers the most fabulous food at very reasonable prices. Words here just cannot do it justice. Just go and see for yourself. You’ll see and taste exactly what we’re getting at.  The breakfast, incidentally, is phenomenal!

The Riccarton Inn has a classically Scottish Menu to accompany its classically Scottish heart. The cosy interior is perfect to hang out with friends and have a jolly time or kick back with some family and enjoy a meal. Whatever it is you like to do, this outstanding Inn has got your back. Thinking of heading into town for some grub? Why? You’ve got everything you need right here.

And our secret tip?

The Currie Beer & Curry Festival is your time to let your hair down and just have a blast. The community gets together and, well, the name of the festival sort of says the rest. An annual event, put this one in your diary whenever the dates come up. This one is going to get spicy.

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