Softly, Softly: Why A Carpeted Floor Is Better Than A Wooden Floor

In last week’s blog entry, we didn’t hold back on our praise when it came to the classic household wooden floor experience. If you didn’t catch it, you can read all about it right here at The Hard Truth: Why A Wooden Floor Is Better Than Carpeted Floor . We think you’ll agree we made a pretty solid case.

Having said all of that, is there nothing to be admired in a more gentle touch beneath our naked feet? Does a carpet not have a role to play in our homes and can they not, as a matter of fact, prove to be superior, in some aspects, to a hardwood experience?

Despite what we have written previously – and because we at Belvoir Edinburgh believe in a fair and balanced approach in everything that we do – we thought it was right and proper that we waved the flag for the other side of the argument this time around and give you the lowdown on why a carpeted floor is, or can be, better than a wooden floor.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Think we smashed it out of the courtroom last time around?

Well, gentle reader, think again.

Let loose your twitching tootsies and discard those winter socks.  You have no need for them here. We’re going softly, softly, into a whole new world. The world of the magic carpet.

Comfortable: Well, we’ve sort of hinted at it already so we might as well kick off with perhaps the most obvious point of all: carpets are dead comfy. Left your slippers on the other side of the room? No problem! This soft and comfortable option is kind on your feet and very accommodating if you like to have a bit of a roll around…Just try and make sure it’s all clean first.

Design Versatility: If you like the wooden look, then the wooden floor will most definitely be for you. But, for everything else, the carpet is a master of all opportunities. With so many colours, textures and patterns to consider, you can let your imagination run wild and inspire a home that is unique and shaped to you. Stand out from the crowd and do your own thing. It’s what life is all about.

Classy: Ever walked into someone’s house and thought to yourself “Shheesh! This place looks expensive”? Of course you have. Probably swiftly followed by “Oh my God. If I spill something I may become a monk and live on top of a mountain”. We’ve all been there. And, almost always because there is one fancy carpet at the centre of it all. You don’t need much else. If you‘ve got the flooring right, it elevates the whole room. Because carpets add oodles of class.

Sound Proof: As great as a wooden floor can look, they can make one heck of a racket. From the tippity-tap of busy shoes to that annoying squeak you never miss on your 3am toilet visit, a wooden floor pretty much always lets you know when something is going on. So, if the quiet life is more to your taste, lay something down to deaden the noise….And maybe leave the high heels at the front door.

Cost: When it comes to the cost of installation, the carpet wins this final battle hands down.  Sure, If you already have those boards fitted in, then it’s a different story altogether. But, if you’re starting from scratch and are working off a tight budget, there’s really no contest here. Professional installation does not come cheap and neither are easy. But one is certainly cheaper and easier than the other.

Whatever type of flooring you’re after, it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons that come with each. Yes, appearance is important and, maybe, that alone is, and will always be, the key selling point for you. But don’t forget to take into consideration the problems of your preferred choice as well as its benefits. Because, in the long run, the option least considered could prove to be the right one. And, who knows, you may come to realise you love the thing you thought you always disliked.

In any case, good luck. And happy housekeeping.