The Hard Truth: Why A Wooden Floor Is Better Than Carpeted Floor

When you’re out and about looking for a flat to rent, there are all kinds of things that you’ll be taking into consideration. A check off list, if you will.

What’s the rent like? Where is the property? What floor is it on? How many bedrooms does it have? What are the local amenities like?…You know the kinds of things we’re talking about.

But one feature that can be an immediate deal breaker and, in some cases, more important than any of the points raised above, is the flooring.

“The flooring?” we hear you say.

That’s right!

It may sound odd (or maybe it won’t), but the simple fact of whether a floor is wooden or whether it is carpeted (sometimes laminated, but less frequently) is pretty high on the priority listing even for the most relaxed on potential tenants.

So, why the big deal? Other than the obvious, what are the key differences between the two options?

Well, it turns out, quite a lot. Much like our Shower vs Bath debate earlier in the summer, people can be quite passionate about these sorts of things and firmly plant their flag in one particular camp.

This week, we thought we’d take a look at this long fought war and, to begin with, make the arguments for the wooden floor. If the wooden floor is better than the carpeted floor, why would that be the case? What arguments are there?

Let’s take a look!

Elegant: Sure, some carpets can look absolutely stunning, but there really is something special looking about a well-kept hardwood floor. The old world brown and it’s natural appearance taps into something in all of us that probably really just wants to be seven years old again and live in a tree house. Keep that little kid in you alive…But maybe don’t actually live up a tree.

Low Maintenance: As great as some carpets can be, cleaning them can be an absolute nightmare. Sure you can give them a once over with a vacuum every other day, but does that mean you’ve gotten all possible environmental hazards like mites and all of their other little friends? With a wooden floor, you could probably get away with a vigorous sweep! Easy peasy!

Durable: It goes without saying that wood is going to be stronger than a more flimsy material. However, we are going to say it anyway just so it’s absolutely clear. Can a wooden floor get scratched or bumped? Sure! But it’s pretty hard to do. Spill a drop of tea on your carpet though and it’s all out to panic stations. And don’t get us started on that red wine.

No Fading: Even if you’ve been super careful and have managed to avoid inflicting any sort of damage to your floor, a carpet will, over the course of time, begin to fade and lose the vibrancy that first made you fall in love with it all those years ago. With wood, you simply won’t have this sort of problem. And, even if one day you find you don’t feel quite the same way about it that you once did, a simple lick of something fresh will brighten that thing up quick smart. A carpet, however, will have to be completely replaced. And that just seems like a whole heap of work.

Increases Value: For those of you looking to sell now or in the future, this is a good point to keep in mind. Whether you are a wood or a carpet person, people will generally go for a place with hardwood as it is seen as point that can be started from scratch (pardon the expression). They likely won’t want to keep any carpet that is already there because of any potential dirt/allergies or, well, they just don’t like your taste. You might as well save them the trouble and offer them the blank slate that they really want. You’ll likely sell the place much quicker and, perhaps, at a more handsome price than you initially anticipated.

The battle between wood and carpet is as old as the taste of water. There have been ups and downs on both sides. Toes have been splintered. Glasses have been shattered. And much good wine has been spilt.

What side do you land on? Are you a carpet guy or girl? Or have we convinced you that the future is wooden?

Next week, we’ll have a sneaky look at the other side of the argument. What are the advantages of a carpeted home? Could they, as a matter of fact, actually be the best way to go? Come back next week to find out what we think.