Top Unused Kitchen Appliances

We’ve all done it.

Every now and again, we find ourselves digging around in the kitchen cupboard for that elusive pot lid. You can’t find it. Where could it possibly be? Who knows! Who cares!… Because you’ve found yourself a bread maker instead!

As sure as death and taxes, it is an indisputable fact of life that in every kitchen, in every home, there will be a set of items that have never, and likely will never, stretch their legs and fulfil their destiny. It is a tragic truth, but a truth none the less. And one worthy of further investigation.

A recent survey by tapwarehouse has revealed an interesting list of kitchen gadgets gathering dust in British households. The Cafetiere, quite shockingly, came out on top with 23% admitting that they had only used it once. Other items on the list include the pasta maker, the ice cream maker, the juicer…and some of these items don’t come cheap.

And this got your intrepid blogger thinking. What have I got in my kitchen that I have not, or barely, made use of? Surely nothing of notable of notable value or consequence?

The results are, well, rather embarrassing.

Bread Maker: Well, it has been mentioned already, so we may as well start with this one. This well meant birthday gift has been hiding in the cupboard for a good couple of years now and, in truth, it’s likely to remain there for the foreseeable future. If the bread maker , a lower range model, wasn’t going to come out during lockdown, then it’s unlikely to come out at all. It’s supposed to make great bread and even be a therapeutic experience, but the corner shop is just too close to persuade me. At least for the time being.

Slow Cooker: For the briefest flicker in time, cooking was a passion. Rick Stein, Nigella and Jamie filled my book shelves and I was convinced that I would be serving roast lamb out in the back garden with Christmas lights and seductive Jazz music humming in the back ground. So convinced was I, that I purchased a Slow Cooker….Needless to say, things did not go quite as dreamt. Roast Lamb in the garden? Cheese sandwiches on the sofa more like.

Tagine: We all like to bring back things from our holidays to remind us of the time that we had and this beautiful tagine was an impulse purchase from a two week break in Tunisia. It has, I am pleased to report, actually been used…once. It currently sits proudly on a shelf in the living room like a vibrant ceramic sombrero, but I have the feeling that its cooking days are not quite over yet.

Electric Salt And Pepper Shakers:  I have no idea where electric salt and pepper set came from. These were hidden underneath some old bags in a cupboard I haven’t been in for years. They are now fully loaded with batteries and are good to go. And they’re fantastic!

Avocado Holder: The less said about this the better…Do people have Avocado holders?

We all have things that we don’t know we have or things that we know we have but have made absolutely no practical use out of.  Some of it is quite valuable. Some of it not so much. All of it, we are sure, has a story to tell.

What about you? What do you have in your kitchen that has not seen the light of day? Be sure to let us know! Why not take a look around the darker corners of your kitchen? You never know what you might find.