Top Tips for your next property investment in Edinburgh

We Know Property!

The Belvoir Group now manages over 65,000 properties around the UK and have over 25 years’ of experience in letting property. All of our offices are regulated to the highest standard in the industry and we ensure that when legislation changes, our landlords are the first to find out.

As all of our offices are owned and run by local people, we know the very best places to buy investment properties in the local area. We can advise you from the very beginning which location would reap the most benefits and what type of properties are in demand in the current marketplace.

Securing a new buy-to-let property is not as straightforward as some might think, it is certainly a very different proposition to buying a house for yourself. In this blog we give you some top tips on how to find your next investment property:

• Where

This is perhaps the crux of your decision-making process and the “where” part is all about where the rental market is buoyant, demand is high and returns are good and very little to do with your personal preferences, remember you are not going to personally live there. Luckily for Edinburgh, there are many up and coming ‘hubs’ that offer excellent yields. In unfamiliar areas make sure to research local amenities like doctors, schools, transport links and shops. Spend time researching the area yourself or, to save time, why not pop in and see us we know our local market and can give you expert advice.  

  • Who

Who do you want to rent to? This will help you define the property type that you need. Families might have different needs to single executives, for example. Decide on your target market and then choose an appropriate property.  

  • Condition

Once you know where you want to buy and for whom, decide whether you need a property you can put straight on the rental market or one that you need to work on. This will depend on your financial model; do you need instant rental income or perhaps smaller mortgage payments on a more cost-effective property that you have renovated?  

Need more advice?

Whether you are a newer investor or a seasoned landlord, remember you are always welcome to pop in to the office and talk to our property experts, for unrivalled local market knowledge.