Tomorrow’s World: 5 Household Objects That May Soon Disappear

Do you ever take a look around your home and think to yourself “Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve needed that!”?

If so, you’re not alone.

With technology evolving at such a lightning rate, so many things that we used to assume would probably always be around are quickly finding themselves to be, if not as yet entirely obsolete, certainly dwindling in their relevance.

As a result, it’s quite likely that a time is soon approaching where familiar details in our homes may soon become a rarity.

Have an idea of what those things might be?

We’ve put together a list of 5 objects in the home that we think could soon become things of the past. Do you think we’ve gotten them right? Or do you think that some items will just always be with us?  Take a peek and see what you think.

Remote Controls: Do you remember the days when you had to get up and press the buttons on the telly to change the channel? Sadly, we do. And we also remember how exciting it was to get our hands on a device that allowed us to flick from station to station without having to move from the sofa. Well, in the age of Smart Technology, these sorts of devices look like they could be on their way out. With Smart Phones, Smart Watches and Smart TVs all extremely popular, the poor old remote control could finally be switched off. Will you miss them?

Bookshelves: It’s very true that, just as the invention of the escalator didn’t force the humble step into extinction, Kindle hasn’t been the death of books in their physical form, as some predicted. And it’s not really that surprising. Can you really beat the feel of a book? The smell of a book? Of course not. But, none the less, convenience and cost have made downloading your favourite authors’ works incredibly popular. When was the last time you added a new read to your shelf? Can the hardback and paperback survive? Only time will tell.

Alarm Clocks: If mornings are not your thing, you’ll probably be familiar with the dreaded, manic rattle of your alarm clock. Or are you? These days, your mobile phone or Alexa can bring you back to the land of the living with a far gentler tune of your choosing. No need to have the tick-tocking of the old fashioned gadget all through the night or the digital alternative lighting up the room when you’re trying to snooze. If you still have one, we’d be surprised. If you do, you may be amongst the last.

Calendars: By this point, you’re probably seeing a familiar pattern: mobile phones are changing everything. As with remote controls, books and alarm clocks, all of our planning needs can now be organised on other devices. The years of crossing days off on your paper wall calendar? Those days may soon be numbered. In fact, they may already be crossed off.

DVDS & Blue-rays: Of all the objects we have come up with that we believe won’t be around for much longer, this one is probably the most obvious. At the end of a hard day, do you dust off those old disks and spend the evening sifting through an extended edition of some obscure Sci-Fi comedy with commentary by Wil Wheaton? Maybe on the odd occasion. But, for the most part, it’s all about the streamers. They might not have your obscure Sci-Fi comedy with commentary by Wil Wheaton just yet…but it’s coming.

Predicting the future is a tricky business. Anything can happen, as it so often does. However, some things just seem to be written in the stars and, in our opinion, the list above is probably a safe bet.

Do you think we’re wrong? Are there other objects you think are far more likely to bite the dust?

Let us know!