The Treasures of Edinburgh New Town

If you were to ask somebody from Edinburgh to sum up what they thought of the New Town in as few words as possible, it’s fairly likely that adjectives such as ‘fancy’, ‘’posh’ and ‘stylish’ would come up with quite reasonable frequency.

With its elegant neoclassical and Georgian architecture, upmarket shopping and beautiful grand squares, this centrally located genius of city planning is one of the most spectacular and sought after areas in the entire city. It’s so revered, in fact, that, in 1995, it got jolly well made into a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Fancy that!

Well, you don’t need to tell us twice. That’s why, some years ago now, we decided to set up our office right here in the New Town, 28/28a Dundas Street, to be exact. 

But that’s enough about us! We’re here to tell you about the New Town and some of the treasures you can expect to find should you decide to visit or, heavens above, even move here.

Now, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of the likes of Princes Street and George Street already, so we won’t give you a general skimming over of those here. We want to give you some specific highlights that we think are worth experiencing and lend you a flavour of what this delightful area is all about. Though, we have to say, this list is by no means exhaustive. There is so much on offer here we could write a lengthy book on it…But we won’t. Not today, at least.

So, without further ado, let’s strap on our boots and get our cameras fully charged.

Are you ready?

Lets go to New Town.

Wellington Coffee

We don’t know about you, but if we don’t get our coffee first thing in the morning, things can get a trifle, well, tetchy. Caffeine and a bite to eat is the only real way to start the day and there’s no better place in the area to satisfy your cravings than Wellington Coffee on the corner of Hanover Street and George Street.  A bit of a hidden gem, this small, but unique, coffee house always has a fantastic buzz about the place, thanks to its endlessly friendly staff and, yes, its profoundly tasty beverages. The finest coffee in the city? We’ll let you decide.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Edinburgh is awash with fantastic museums and galleries, all of which are deserving of your attention at some point during your time here. However, in our humble opinion, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery really is something to behold. With a spectacular array of works dating back to the 8th Century, all contained within an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous building and telling the fascinating story of our wonderful land of Scotland. This cultural institution is free to the public (yes, free!) and one of the most popular attractions in Auld Reekie. We’d Van-Go if we were you!…Sorry.

St Andrew Square

Sitting on the east end of George Street and a mirror of Charlottes Square on the west side, this spot is a great place to chill out on your lunch break and briefly escape the hustle and bustle of the busy Edinburgh streets. Surrounded by restaurants, bars and a whole lot more, the area is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, but the central garden has a serene quality to it that has the Harry Potter like magical ability to lower your blood pressure and calm the soul. Definitely a good place to know about and enjoy.

Panda & Sons

There are a ridiculous amount of bars in New Town that we think could top any list, anytime and anywhere.  Rose Street is packed with them (a narrow, yet playful, lane just parallel to Princes Street) and who would want to miss a swift half at Rebus’s The Oxford Bar on Young Street? But, for us, we simply couldn’t put this list together without mentioning Panda & Sons. Blink and you’ll miss it (its exterior is disguised as a barber shop). But walk beyond the front door and venture down to its mystery. It just might not be all that it appears to be. A quirky cocktail bar with oodles of atmosphere and timeless sophistication?  We can’t explain it to you. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Edinburgh Playhouse

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! And welcome to the show! The Edinburgh Playhouse, with its 3,059 seats, is the largest theatre in Scotland and, boy, does it know how to put on one spectacular razzle-dazzle. If a big, barmy, entertaining evening is totally your thing, then you simply cannot get any better than this iconic venue on Greenside Place. Hosting a variety of artists and shows all the year round, you will never have an opportunity to get bored with this one on your doorstep.  

Edinburgh is known worldwide for its history, but that doesn’t mean it’s more modern face isn’t something to be admired. On the contrary, we think the New town is an absolute knock-out and that you’ll fall in love with it just as much as we have.

So, from everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we invite you to pay it a visit. Walk its streets and gaze upon its stunning buildings and landmarks.

Have a fantastic week!