The Shower Scene: Why A Shower Is Better Than A Bath

It’s been hot. Really hot.

Here in Scotland, we don’t really know what to do with ourselves once the thermometer tips over 20 degrees Celsius. The mind becomes antsy, the skin turns sticky and red and, collectively, we all flop over our chairs, licking anything wetter than bread, deliriously chattering on about dancing naked in the rain with an ice lolly.

These are indeed curious times.

Of course, one thing that most of us have been making great use over these past sweltering days is the shower. It is, after all, the one place in the house where you can actually cool down and fulfil the dream revealed above (ice lolly optional).

What is there not to like about the shower? It cools you down if you’re too hot. It warms you up if you’re too cold. It cleans you. It comforts you. It’s the most perfect of all inventions.

Well, it turns out that some people do have their beef with the old drizzle and spray. “It’s not a bath, is it”, they grumble. “You can’t really relax in a shower”, they moan.

To us, ladies and gentlemen, that sounds like a challenge. Perhaps they were scarred by Hitchcock’s Psycho as a child. Perhaps they worry it will wash away more than their troubles. Whatever the excuse, we’re here to tell you why a shower is better than a bath.

So put on your shower cap and pull back the curtains. We’re going in.

More Hygienic: Sitting in a bath might seem like a nice and relaxing thing to do, but did you stop to think about what exactly you are nicely relaxing in? That’s right. It’s yuckness. A shower, however, will rinse that stuff right off and shoot it all down the drain faster than you can say Norman Bates.  Do you really want to stew in your own dirt? Of course not.  Do the right thing. Take a shower.

It’s Faster: Ever timed how long it takes to run a bath? Of course not. Because, like your spirit, the battery on your phone would wither away and die.  Running a bath takes a ridiculous amount of time, and then you’ve got to get in it and make all that waiting worthwhile. Whereas a shower is quick, effective and to the point. You’re in, you’re out, bish-bash-bosh, you’ve nailed it. Ten points for team shower!

Environmentally Smarter: Oh! Why do baths take so long to run? Because you need to use so much water! Come on, people, we’ve got to get environment smart here. A bath can hold around 80 litres of water, whilst an eight minute shower more like 62 litres. And you can most definitely shower for less than eight minutes. Save water. Pick the right option. You know what we’re saying.

Hair Washing: Okay. You can wash your hair in the bath, but it’s really not as efficient. Have you tried it? No. Because you’re a smart, practical individual who takes showers and uses their free time reading informative and stylish blogs like this.  Don’t wash your hair in the bath. In fact, don’t have a bath at all. Go team shower! We’re on the home stretch!

Singing In The…Bath?: Everyone likes to belt out a fabulous number in the shower…right? Well, we certainly do. And, no, we’re not going to reveal our set list. Singing in the bath is fine, but the shower is the venue of the true rock/pop/opera stars. With the sound of the rushing water providing you with a safe space (at least that’s the theory), you can let out your inner Lionel Ritchie and set your mood for smooth happiness all through the day and, of course,…All Night Long!

You might think we’ve been a little harsh on the good old bath and you’re probably right. We can hear your arguments now and we understand and appreciate them all. However, in the eternal battle between the shower and the tub, it seems that there is undeniably a strong case to side with ‘Team Shower’ here.

But is that the end?…Hell no!

Tune in next week and see what ‘Team Bath’ has to offer. And, yes, don’t worry, we’ll try and hold it on the Psycho references this time around….Ring! Ring! Ring!

Okay, we’re done.