Student Living: Best Edinburgh Locations

Edinburgh is a great place to live. In fact, it’s the best.

Whatever you are looking for as a student, you are bound to find it right here in this great Scottish capital of ours.

But, when it comes to finding a flat, are there some areas that are better than others? Are there places where students tend to flock to because of the superior amenities, transport links and access to University campuses?

Well, much like in any city, the answer to that question is probably ‘Yes’. Whilst there are spots all over town that you’d be very lucky to live in, there are areas that tend to be more popular with students than others.

If you’re out looking for a property to rent, perhaps for the first time, but not sure where to look, then take a glance at our list below.

Here are our top 5 locations in Edinburgh for students to rent.

Marchmont: One of the most popular spots in Edinburgh to live if you are a student has to be Marchmont. Close to the University of Edinburgh (around a 10 minutes walk), this area has stunning scenery, great architecture and the rates of rent really aren’t bad for what you get. Students have always gravitated towards this area and it’s not hard to imagine why. Definitely give it a look.

Newington: A busier affair than the more tranquil setting of Marchmont, this one will suit someone who likes to be parked somewhere a little more vibrant. Packed with great bars and shops, Newington has been a popular hub for students for many a year, being a short skip away from both University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier University. 

Fountainbridge: For those who adore the excitement of the city centre to be within easy reach, but don’t quite want to live in the middle of that particular storm, Fountainbridge is an excellent choice. Becoming increasingly popular over the years, largely thanks to the construction of top quality student accommodation, Fountainbridge has its own top bars and a lovely canal, if a stroll into town doesn’t really appeal. In fact, with a state of the art multiplex cinema right at your doorstep, why would you want to go anywhere else?

Bruntsfield: This one might be better suited to the more mature student, but you’ll never fall out of love with it once you’ve visited. Laid-back and with a tangible sense of community, this place has everything that you could ever want. There are great bars, top drawer restaurants and you’ve got Bruntsfield Links right there. A vast park of green, if a walk or a picnic is playing on your mind. Take a visit. Have a look around. We think you’ll agree it’s an absolutely wonderful place to settle down.

Leith: If you’re looking to live where the action is and seeking a vibe that is just off the scale, then the place you are looking for is Leith. Undoubtedly the coolest place in the city, you’ll no doubt have heard that this area has a reputation for being slightly…erm…of its own. The Shore is spectacular and Leith Walk is filled with individual character. Once you’ve lived there, even if it’s just for a year, you’ll carry a piece of it with you, wherever you go, for the rest of your life. Legendary.

Picking a place to live in the city can always be a tough choice, but when you’re a student and, perhaps, new to it all, a little bit of guidance can be helpful.

We hope we’ve given you something to think about with our list and that you’ll pay at least some of these slices of Edinburgh a visit before making your choice.

Do let us know where you decided to go. Was it one of our suggestions? If not, where did you end up?

From everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, good luck with your search. And remember…we’re always here if you need a chat.