Size Up, Size Down: Disadvantages Of A Larger Home

You might not believe it, but bigger is not necessarily always better.

There are benefits, of course. If you take a glance over last week’s blog, you will see that there are plenty of perks to packing up your one bedroom apartment, biting the bullet and going large. It’s what we always dream of, isn’t it. It’s progress.

Or is it?

Despite the obvious attractions, a larger home can often bring with it some larger problems. We often don’t want to confront such down points or, simply, cannot see them until it is much too late. Why would you? Who wants to see them when you could instead see Marvel magic on your home cinema screen in your own private entertainment quarters?

So, before you make any serious decisions, let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of living in a larger property. You might not want to see them. You might not want to believe in them. But it’s far better to confront potential pitfalls now than to stumble into them in a much more unforgiving situation down the road.

Cost:  Yes, you saw this one coming. A bigger house generally requires more heating and more lighting. It may feel warm and look bright, but it could drain all of the goodness out of your bank account. It also means that there is more that could go wrong and require fixing. More drains to crack and more…well…of everything. Are you financially prepared for every possible issue that could arise?

Cleaning: The more you have the more you need to clean. This is fine if you love the old polish and cloth. But, let’s face it, most of us don’t. Things can quickly get out of hand if you’re not on top of it all. If you don’t have the time, you could hire someone else to do it for you. But that only adds to the cost aspect we just spoke about. Make sure you have the time to give the place a once over now and again. Otherwise, you could find yourself living in a dust site.

Garden: Quite frequently, purchasing a larger home comes with a larger garden. Now, this can be great, especially if you have kids. Long picnics in the garden. Relaxing with an ice tea on a summers evening. Sounds great, doesn’t it. But gardens are a lot of work. They need constant management and, perhaps, the attention of some specific equipment. If you want a bigger place, you may very well have to expect to get your hands dirty.

Space: Space? But, how could that be a problem? Well, do you think you will use it all? It’s all very well having three bedrooms, but, if it’s just you, that’s a lot of space that you are unlikely to use very often. And, if you have a family, there is actually a point where size can become detrimental to family cohesion. Suddenly, everyone has their own areas that they like to hang around in and, before you know it, you don’t end up spending as much time together as you used to. It can lose the cosey factor. And the cosey factor is important in any home. In fact, some might say, it is what defines a home.

Furniture: If you have all of that extra space, there is a temptation to fill it up with more furniture. This, again, will add extra cost and more to the list of things you’ll need to clean. It might look amazing, as you have impeccable taste. But, are you sure it’s all going to be worth it? And, if you end up moving to a smaller place later in life after the kids move out, where is it all going to go?

A large property can offer many challenges. But, that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. A challenge can, quite often, be an opportunity in disguise. Balance up the pros and cons. List up your priorities. As long as you take your time, think deeply and check with what your heart desires, you’ll be on your way to making the right choice.

We at Belvoir Edinburgh hope you’re all doing well. Take care, keep smiling and we’ll see you soon.

Happy Housekeeping.