Scent Of Success: Top Smells To Sell Your Home

Ah, spring. It’s finally upon us. The sun is out, the birds are singing and everything just feels more…alive.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably thinking about doing some spring cleaning right about now. Needing some tips on that to get you started? Take a look at our blog entry Spring Cleaning: Let’s Do This from last year. Hopefully it’ll get you inspired and ready to take on the task ahead 

We all like a bit of a tidy when spring arrives, but some of you may be planning to put your home on the market and want it looking at its absolute best.

Good thinking! We’re right with you and approve this message 

But do remember, it’s not only about how your home looks. It is also about how it smells.

Have you ever walked into a room and thought to yourself “Ew! My nose doesn’t like that. I need to get out of here”.

Well, so do buyers. If it doesn’t smell tasty, they’re not going to bite.

So what sort of scent should you be going for?

Let’s take a look

Baking: Is there anything that whiffs like home quite like freshly baked home goodies? We highly doubt it. Walking into a room and getting a smack on the face with the scent of kitchen delights is a great way to go to get your potential buyers on side. They’ll instantly relax, remember their childhood and melt like ice cubes in the palm of your hands. Get your pinny on. It’s time to get creative.

Coffee: If you’re in the kitchen but baking really isn’t your forte, worry not. There is another formidable scent dancing on the shelf that will work equally and terrifically well. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for coffee. That morning coffee smell is just intoxicating and, when you have people over to see what your property has to offer, they’re going to want to chill out and chat all about it. Grind those coffee beans. Things are going to get scrumptious.

Cinnamon: Speaking of coffee, another sure fire winner in the smells department is a delicate fluttering of the old cinnamon. Sure, you can dust it over your morning latte, but why not go for something with a little more punch? For this, cinnamon sticks are a great way to go. They smell divine and are bound to get any visitors desperate for more.

Fire: Well, not just any old fire. We’re talking about that beautiful, warm, comforting fire place that takes us all back to Christmas and cosy nights in. That lovely smell just screams “Come and relax with a cup of coco” and we think that it could really seal the deal. Get in the wood and light up the flame. You’ve got them under your spell.

Washing: Probably not one to do whilst you’re throwing on another log, but the smell of freshly washed clothes gives the impression that you are safe and that you are where you are meant to be. That clean air circulating the house will really make your guests want to settle down straight away. Time to talk money. This sale is a done deal.

How your home comes across is always important when putting it up for sale and avoiding offending the nose really is up there on the list of important things to consider.

What’s your favourite smell? Do you have a scent that always gets you feeling good?

Let us know!