Safety First: Dangers To Look Out For Around The Home

The past year or so has all been about avoiding risk.

Social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing…We’re all well aware of the tune by now and, quite frankly, we’ve all had a right belly full.

But risk is all around us, Covid 19 or no Covid 19. On the drive to work. On the street outside. Heck, it’s even right there in your very own home.

Now, the last place you want to feel unsafe is the place where you live, right? Of course. You want to be able to relax and unwind without having to bother yourself about any potential death traps that could be lurking around the corner.

So, to help ease your mind, we’ve created a nice little safety checklist for you to go over to help you steer clear any unwanted bumps or scrapes.

Put down the kitchen knife. Forget about the scolding hot tea. Here are 5 dangers around the home that you should really be looking out for.

The Big Trip: You might not notice a trip hazard until it’s too late, so take some time to scout around for any potential dangers. How is the carpet looking? What about those uneven floorboards? Are electrical cables all tucked away and out of sight? It might seem silly, but these sorts of things can be more dangerous that you might think, particularly in some of the more precarious locations, such as at the top of stairs on in the kitchen.

The Slip Up: We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. One careless step out of the bath tub, one giant leap out of the shower, and you’re a baby giraffe on roller skates, watching your short life flash before your eyes. Make sure any walking areas likely to get damp or greasy are covered with a non-slip surface. You may have gotten away with it once, but next time you might not be so lucky.

The Electric Shock: This one is especially important in the winter months when you are likely to be using more of lighting and heating, but there is really no bad time to check that everything is safe with your electrical appliances. Check that wires and power points are not damaged and, remember, if you’re not using it, TURN IT OFF!

The Chemical Reaction: If you have children and pets about the place, please remember to keep all cleaning products, medications, etc, well out of reach. Yes, we know, you’re a smart cookie and you would never be so silly as to leave petrol in a cola bottle on the kitchen table for the temptation of tiny little hands. But take a glance around and double check that there’s nothing that may have skipped your notice. Fairy liquid might look oddly delicious, but it tastes really, really bad…Trust us.

The Right Cord: Life around the windows might seem perfectly harmless, but a curious head can get more than they bargained for if they’re not too careful. Check all of your curtains and blinds that have long, loose or looped cords and see if anything can be done with them, particularly if there are small people or furry friends around. It might not seem likely, but it’s far better to be safe than sorry.

We all want our home to be the safest that it can be, so take a little time to make sure that everything is tickety-boo. It shouldn’t take you too much of your time and, really, is there anything more important than ensuring that you are the ones you love are out of harms way?