Renting Tips: Advantages Of An Unfurnished Property

We’ve all been there.

For one reason or another, it’s time to move on from your current situation and, gosh darn it, you’re thinking to yourself that very same thing you were thinking to yourself the last time around: what exactly is it that you’re looking for?

Where do you want to be? How much space do you need? Ground floor or top floor? So many questions. So much to consider.

One key aspect that can frequently be forgotten about, however, is whether or not you would like your new home to be furnished.

Now, if you’re a younger person or a student, it’s quite likely that you’ll be after something that comes with all the trimmings. You’ll probably not have had the time or the money to collect all that much just yet, so a fully-furnished property is probably the way to go.

But what if you do have your own things?

An unfurnished property can, at first glance, sometimes look like a less appealing option. However, the truth of that matter is, it can quite often be the preferable one.

Don’t believe us?

Well, hold your horses there, people! We’re about to blow your mind with some top reasons why an unfurnished property might just be for you. Let’s dive in!

Make It Personal: Well, we’ve already touched on it, so let’s start with probably the most obvious advantage. If you’ve got your own belongings then you can make this new property your very own space in no time. With your own sofa, bed and whatever else you’ve picked up along your journey through life, this will be a place that feels a lot more personal to you than a furnished property ever could. This will, to put it plainly, feel like your home.

Long Term Stay: Since you’ve moved all of your things in, it’s quite likely that you are going to hang around for a while. This will take the stress out of you and, more than likely, the landlord, who will be secure in the knowledge that they will have a steady flow of income coming in for a good while yet. You’re happy. They’re happy. Everybody’s happy. Now what could be wrong with that?

A Cheaper Deal: It’s fairly safe to say that unfurnished properties tend to be cheaper than furnished properties, for obvious reasons. Supplying, insuring and maintaining furniture and the like can be a bit of a headache for landlords, so you’d probably have to pay the extra buck to help cover it. Of course, if you’re renting unfurnished, then it is your responsibility to supply, insure and maintain. But, over the course of time, this would probably end up being a sweater deal and, of course, you have the knowledge that what you’re paying for is actually yours and not somebody else’s.

Keep Your Deposit: We all want to get our deposits back after a stay, but mistakes can happen and, unfortunately for tenants, have to be paid for. However, as mentioned in the above point, if the only furnishings in the property belong to you, then it is much more likely that there won’t be an issue. That’s a whole month’s rent (or thereabouts) back in your pocket and ready to spend as you choose. And that, dear reader, is reassuring news.

You might not have considered moving into an unfurnished property before, but we hope we have given you a moment’s pause and that you might consider your options with a bit more of an open mind the next time you’re ready to move on.

Next week, we’ll have a look at some of the disadvantages of going unfurnished.

Think you know what points we’re going to raise?

Well tune in, same time, same place, to find out!