Renting In Edinburgh: What To Expect Right Now

Now that we’ve entered a new year, some of you may be thinking about making some changes to your life.

We all do it around about now. Eating healthier, going to the gym, not binge watching Netflix as much…You know the sort of thing.

One aspect of your life that you may have decided you are going to change -or make solid, meaningful plans for changing- is where it is you want to live.

Perhaps you live in a small town and want to try and make it big in the bright city. Perhaps you already live in a city, but fancy somewhere new, with different ideas and fresh opportunities.

Here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we specialise in one particular place: Edinburgh.

Now if you’re looking to move to Edinburgh, let’s say to rent at first, you may not know exactly what you’re getting into. There’s a lot going on right now, so what can you expect?

Well, of course, we would encourage you to do your research. Take a look around the websites and, yes, have a wee holiday up here in the capital and take a look around.

But, if you’re stuck for time and just want a crash course in what to expect when you’re renting in Edinburgh right now, then here’s 5 top tips to kick off your adventure.

Price: Moving to the Scottish capital. Rents in Edinburgh are, in general, always likely to be more expensive than other places in Scotland – even a lot of places in the UK – so don’t be surprised by the price tag attached to properties here. But look at the city you’ve got. The culture, the beauty, the opportunities… It’s the greatest city on earth (in our opinion) and, for that, you may have to pay a bit more.

Stock: Another thing that you may have noticed at the moment is that there’s not really a great deal available when it comes to renting, particularly on the lower end of the financial scale. This, again, is not especially unique to Edinburgh and won’t be a situation that will last forever. But, until various practical and political ailments are resolved, it might be more of a challenge than it has been previously to nail down rented accommodation. Having said that, don’t be too dissuaded. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Give us a call. Let’s have a chat! 

Extras: For any of you renting veterans out there, this one won’t be too much of a surprise to you. However, if you’re new to the game and still a little unsure about the financial requirements and responsibilities that are involved in renting a property, one thing has to be made plain: bills are not included. Unless explicitly stated, you are responsible for the payment of additional housing charges. Automatically this includes Council Tax and gas/electricity bills, but don’t forget about the likes of Wi-Fi, television licenses and various subscriptions, which will not be included within the cost of the rent. Do your research and get your calculator out. Make sure it is an affordable option for you and that you’ve got everything covered.

Old Buildings: One thing that you’ll notice about Edinburgh is that a lot of the buildings are old. Some of them very old. Now, we like to think that a bit of history adds to the character of a place. These streets may have a few years on them (okay, maybe a bit more than that. Try centuries!), but they’re also very beautiful. So, if you’re moving to a historical city like Auld Reekie, don’t expect too many brand spanking new builds. Of course, they do exist! We’re not saying they don’t. But Edinburgh is no spring chicken. These walls have seen a lot. And she’s a lot wiser for it.

Tourists: Edinburgh gets tourists. Lots and lots and lots of tourists. Anybody who has even considered to just visit the place will be aware that people flock from all around the world, all the year around, to see all of what this magical city has to offer. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just during the Festival season (August), though that is where it hits its peak. On a dark, rainy, gale crazed January morning, there will STILL be people taking photographs of Edinburgh Castle and sampling Haggis Neeps and Tatties at one of our many pubs and restaurants…All we’re saying is, don’t be shocked by the amount of people that you can see walking the streets. It’s a city, yes, so you shouldn’t be entirely caught off guard. But Edinburgh is most definitely a global attraction for tourists. And it’s fantastic.

Renting at the moment can be tricky and, here in the Scottish capital, there’s a lot to consider before even thinking about making that move. We hope it works out for you. Edinburgh is an amazing place to live and, once you’ve moved, we think you’ll never want to leave.