Property Trends: Home improvements for 2022

It’s a new year. Time for a new you.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with the old you. Charming, intelligent, good looking…Gosh, you really do have it all, don’t you.

There is, however, always room for a dash of improvement here and there.

What’s it to be this year? Healthy eating? Gym membership? Perhaps more time spent with your friends and family?

Whilst these are all worthy and achievable nominations, this might actually be the right time to take a look around the home and consider some suitable changes or additions.

But what? Sheesh, that is a big question, isn’t it. And it deserves a big answer 

If you are excited about the idea of home development, but are not quite sure on what direction to go in, let us tickle your thought buds with some ideas that we think will be trending in 2022.

More Windows: We all want to mingle with nature more. During lockdown, a wander through the great outdoors was a welcome relief from all of the stresses and strains of home life. It’s not always possible to take a stroll amongst the trees and scampering squirrels, Scottish weather being what it is. But installing more windows, or improving upon old ones, will certainly help you feel more connected with the external world. Turn a whole wall into a place of glass? Extend that living room window into an oversized view finder? The choice, dear reader, is all yours.

Conservatory Creation: Speaking of windows, why not go the whole hog and have an entire room devoted to the stuff? Now, there’s a heap of benefits to adding a conservatory onto your property, but undoubtedly one of its key selling points is its ability to transport you outside without actually having to be outside. You can listen to the pitter-patter of the rain whilst dozing in a comfortable chair and not have to worry about getting a chill or rinsing out your socks. Does life get any better than that? We don’t think so.

Garden Growth: You may have noticed that there is a little bit of a theme developing here. Yes, it is all about enjoying nature. And, when the weather is kind enough to allow, we want to be outside in that sunshine. We’ve spent so much time inside this past couple of years, we want to be able to enjoy any outdoor space that we have. Add some of your own designs. What about an outdoor entertaining area? Furniture and décor? It’s your space. Do what you need to do for you.

Eco-Friendly Solutions: We’ve all got the health of the planet on our minds right now and know that making positive, environmentally sound steps is the right way to go. But what can you do? Have you thought about solar panelling? Updating your boiler? Fresh insulation? There’s a host of options to consider here to help make your home more considerate to the world around you. And, in the long run, many of these options will help you cut down on those nasty monthly bills. It’s a win-win solution!

Office Space: Well, we’re sure you saw this one coming. Home working, whilst having its benefits, can be troublesome for many people. Not having the right space or the right environment to remain positive and productive can be very challenging indeed. So, this year, why not take a look at your situation and see where you can create a place that you can professionally excel in. Get creative and put your personality and needs into it. Working from home, at least part-time, might be the way of the future. Take advantage of the times and transform your working life in a positive way. Let’s do this!

Making changes can be tough. But what can be even more difficult is deciding on what changes to actually make in the first place. Will they be beneficial? Can you afford it? Do you even want it?

If you are up for a new project this year, but are struggling with which path to take, we hope the pointers we have given you will prove to be useful.

In any case, we at Belvoir Edinburgh hope you are all well and happy.

Stay strong. Stay focused.

And happy housekeeping.