Property Choices: Advantages Of Living In A Studio

If you’ve been looking for a flat to rent recently, you may have stumbled across properties advertised as something called ‘a studio’.

Now, if you’ve got a family and are looking for somewhere with a fair bit of space and, certainly, more than one bedroom, then this sort of thing has probably passed you by.

If, however, you’re on your own and looking for something that you can live in by yourself, then it’s quite likely that you’ve seen the word ‘studio’ pop up here and there.

But what is a studio flat?

In a nutshell, a studio is a property where everything you need is in one room. Your bed, your living space, your kitchen, all share the same area. The only exception, quite understandably, is your bathroom and toilet, which will be separate.

Is this ever a good option for the single person? Does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a studio flat?

In this entry, we’ll take a look at 5 reasons why studio flats are a great thing.

So grab your notebook and expand your mind. Let’s look at all that is awesome about studio flats.

Cheaper Rent

It stands to reason that, if you are renting a smaller property, you are, more than likely, going to be paying less than you would somewhere larger. Of course, other factors come into play, such as location or furnishings. However, in all likelihood, a studio is going to be less expensive than a property with an extra room. And, if you are looking to rent alone and counting the pennies, those savings could really mean a lot.

Easy To Clean

Who really likes to clean? Sure, there will be those of you out there who find it therapeutic and a great way to get a good workout. But, come on…Life is too short, right? Thankfully, if you have a smaller home then, quite likely, you are going to have an awful lot less work to do. Why? Well, there’s just a lot less room to mess up!…And you’ll want that place looking spotless for when mum and dad come around for tea.

Cheaper Utilities

Another clear advantage of having one less room, particularly if you’re looking to save some money (and, let’s face it, who isn’t), is that you will probably cut a healthy chunk out of your power bill. If your light is on in the kitchen, it’ll probably shine into your living room and bedroom. And, you’ll only ever have to heat up one room! When winter hits, that’s going to count for a lot in terms of how healthy your bank balance is. It’s a financial winner!

Minimalist Living

Many of us have stuff that we simply don’t need. You’re clinging onto them for some distant sense of nostalgia or sentiment, but, in truth, you just can’t be bothered to take it down to the charity shop…Well, now you have to. And it’s a good thing. The minimalist existence is one to be at least attempted and, given the room you’ve got to play with, now is the time to give it a go. It’ll make your home look stylish and, yes, it’ll be a lot more practical. Go on. Give it a go. You might just like it!

Encourages Outdoor Life

Your new life living in a studio flat is going to be great. The last four points are great examples of why that is the case and there will be loads more points to add to that list…But nobody likes to be inside all of the time. We all, sooner or later, can become a victim of cabin fever (lockdown, anyone?). Living in a more modestly proportioned home, you may feel the need to embrace the outside world and enjoy the freedom that it allows. And, living in Edinburgh, why wouldn’t you. It’s amazing out there! Go! Take a walk. Have an ice cream. Life’s just great.

Living in a studio flat may not be something that you have considered up until now, but there are many advantages that could really help you out, especially if you are looking to live alone. 

From everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, have a fantastic week.