Power Smart: 5 Simple Tips To Save On Your Electricity Bills

Right about now, you’re probably not going crazy on the electricity front.

Sure, you’re watching television and charging the odd device here and there, but, for the most part, summer is a good time to save on your energy bills. No need for the radiators to fire. No need for the bulbs to burn bright all through the day. Nature is doing its thing and it doesn’t charge a penny.

Good times, yes?

However, the truth of the matter is, you’re probably still using more electricity than you need to. It might not seem like such a big deal now, but autumn is only a few months away. And when those bills start rolling in with bigger and bigger numbers demanding to be paid, you’re going to be wishing there was something you could do to make it all just a little less expensive.

Well, dear friends, there are things that you can do. Things that you can do right now. Today.

So, let’s not waste a moment more. Let’s take a look at 5 simple tips to save on your electricity bills.

Standby For Savings: We’re all guilty of it. You’re watching QI all evening, getting your mind completely mangled by Stephen Fry or Sandi Toksvig, and then the sleeps hit. You switch the television off, fumble your way to bed and it’s off to dreamland you go….But you’ve left the television on standby! Why?! Is it for the night elves? No. Turn it off at the plug. In fact, turn everything off at the plug that is not in use. If you do this, you could save around £30 a year on average. Now there’s a useful QI fact for you.

Fancy A Cuppa?: Tea is what keeps this country going. That kettle of yours has, no doubt, seen more water than an around the world cruise. But don’t fill it if you don’t need it. The more water you put in your kettle the more power that is needed to get that bad boy bubbling. Just making a cup for you? Then put one cups worth of water in. It’ll save energy, boil quicker and you’ll get your morning brew quick sharp. Cheers to that!

Keep Your Cool: Turning down the heating from your radiators may only be a summer thing, but washing your clothes at a lower temperature can be all year around. Simply dropping from 40 degrees down to 30 degrees can help reduce your energy usage by as much as 40%! It might not seem that much to you, but it all adds up. It’s right there on your washing machine. Give it a go! Do you really need that extra 10 degrees?

Oven Ready Deal: The oven can eat up a lot of power, so it’s best to be smart with it whenever you can. Just simple little habits when cooking food can save you not an insignificant amount of cash in the long run. Don’t open the oven door if you don’t need to. Keep pots and pans covered so they will boil faster. Heat water in the kettle rather than on the hob if cooking the likes of pasta, rice or eggs…There are many tricks that you can use and they all help. Can you think of any?

Update Your Model: No, we’re not talking about your other half. If you need to replace any appliances around the home, try and update it with something more energy efficient. Whether it’s your washing machine or your dodgy flat screen TV, get something that’s power smart and you’ll make some great savings. You know it makes sense.

Saving the pennies isn’t always easy, but there are always steps you can take to do the best you can. When it comes to your electricity bill, progress might seem steady. Keep at it. Why spend more money on power when you can spend it on chocolate?

From everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you are all doing well. Stay safe. Stay cheerful. We’ll see you soon.