Pets & Fireworks: Tips To Calm Your Furry Friend

With Guy Fawkes Night here again this coming Saturday, we’ll all be looking forward to heading to a local display, munching on a juicy burger and enjoying a spectacular fireworks extravaganza.

It’s a whole load of fun and, in Edinburgh, we happen to have a reputation for doing it particularly well.

However, before you make any plans to get out there and go crazy with a bunch of sparklers, take a moment to consider the impact this night has on your pets.

Because, for them, fireworks are no fun. In fact, it can be downright terrifying.

If you have a dog or a cat, you might want to think about how you can make this evening as tolerable as possible. Even if you’re staying in, there will be rockets and goodness knows what else going off outside, and you’ll need to put in place some steps to make sure your little pals are alright and not too stressed out.

What can you do?

Well, let’s take a look at 5 steps you can take to help your pets get through Guy Fawkes.

Keep Indoors: This seems like an obvious point, but it has to be mentioned. If you’ve got a dog, they’ll probably be indoors with you all of the time anyway, barring toilet needs. Cats, however, as we all know, tend to do their own thing and stay out more. Whichever it is you have, make sure they are indoors and sheltered from the party. Try and take your dog out for a walk before dark, so that they are set for the night and tempt your kitty indoors with a tasty spoonful of tuna. 

Don’t Leave Them: Simply locking your pets indoors and then wondering off to enjoy a night of rockets and Catherine Wheels really isn’t a good way to go. They will be more than aware that something is going on and, in all likelihood, will be quite scared. Your friends here will need your love and attention during this confusing time, so please don’t abandon them. Stay home and put those you love first. They need you tonight.

Close Curtains: Keeping your animals indoors will provide them with a bit more of a sense of security, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t notice, and worry, about what is going on outside of the window. The best way to distract them from those explosions outside, again quite obviously, is to close all of the curtains in the home. Your cat, being the curious creature that it is, may still want to take a look to see what is going on, but do what you can to keep their minds elsewhere and free from distress.

Hiding Place: Whilst it’s good that your pets know that you are there to help them feel more secure, it might be a good idea to create somewhere that they can retreat to should they choose. Some animals like to come up and cuddle when scared, and others tend to hide. Try to have both options available to them so that they can do what’s right for them. Cats, in particular, like to hide in the strangest of places. Make sure they are comfortable, bring them food and water, and try to comfort them without smothering them too much.

Distract With Play: Of course, it’s always best that your little friends are not so scared that they feel the need to hide at all. And, what do they like to do the most (aside from sleep and eat)? Play. Have a game of tug a war with your dog or chase the string with your cat. You know what they like to do, so take this opportunity to go ahead and do it. It’ll make you both happy and, for them in particular, it will be a welcome distraction from what’s going on outside.

Guy Fawkes Night is a fun time for most, but spare a thought for your pets in, what must be for them, a very worrying and confusing time. We love them with all of our hearts, so do try to do what you can to keep them safe and happy.

From everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you all have a banging fireworks night, whatever you decide to do.

Be sensible. Be safe. And Happy Guy Fawkes!