Our Mortal Metropolis: Disadvantages Of Living In A City

You’ll be pretty aware by this stage in our relationship of our love of this city. What’s not to love, right? Edinburgh is what it is. The greatest city on earth. Job done! Nothing more to say. Bring out the cake!

Well, let’s hold our horses for a minute.

Because, fair ladies and gentle gents, here at Belvoir Edinburgh we like to tell the truth. And, as you will well know, in order to tell the truth we often have to confront the odd thing here and there that might very well – how should we put this? – get our goats. After all, not everything that is true is good and not everything that is good is true.

Now, we’re not going to lay into Edinburgh or anything so silly. Or, at the very least, not Edinburgh specifically. It would make for rather short reading and, frankly, we’d probably have to sit here and make things up because, well, look at our opening paragraph.

No, what we’d like to do is take a meaningful glance at what it is to live in a city at all. What are its disadvantages? Indeed, what are its advantages?

This week, we thought we’d rip off that wrinkly old sticking plaster and talk about those things in city life that just might not be the best. Perhaps you live in a mighty metropolis right now and are itching to get out because you just can’t stand it anymore. Perhaps you’re a country dweller considering a change, but not so savvy on the nature of urban living.

In any case, let’s not put this off any further. The plaster is off. The wound lay bare. Let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with here.

It’s Expensive: Well, it can be. It ultimately depends where you end up. But, all in all, living in a city is going to be more expensive than not living in a city. Rent, utilities, parking permits…and that’s before you dabble with all of the tempting goodies that life there has to offer. Even if you’re really careful and sensible about what you do, the cost is going to be noticeably higher than if you’ve ever lived in a less populated area.

Less Space: It goes without saying that if you’re surrounded by so much more of everything, the likelihood is that you’re going to feel a little suffocated from time to time, particularly if you’re not used to it. Also, many people in the city live in flats that are bound to be a downsize from places you have had before. And a garden? Well, maybe. But maybe not.

More Pollution: We’re all trying to be a bit more environmentally friendly these days, but we’re still a long way from perfect. The simple matter of fact is, the more people you have the more pollution you are going to get. Some cities are better than others, so do your homework. However, it’s not all down to burning fuels. There is simply more noise all around you. If you’re not used to it or a light sleeper, it could be a problem.

Crime Rates: Much like pollution, it is a sad inevitability that crime is likely to increase with a larger population. Again, like pollution (and it is a pollution in itself), the seriousness and rates of crime will vary from place to place. Many cities are fine and you can go through a lifetime without being a victim of any sort. Just keep your common sense at hand.

Stressful:  Okay, it’s not quite stressful all of the time. There’s plenty you can do in most cities to help relieve any moments of anxiety you might have and there’s often lovely parks you can escape to to scream into the wind and curse Monday for coming around again even though you made a deal. But cities are more frantic, louder, faster and all of the things we have mentioned above and more. Remember to be kind to yourself. It’s a crazy world out there.

So, there we have it! How did we do? More importantly, how did you do? Are you put off by city life? Have we convinced you to sell up your flat on Leith Walk and settle in a small cottage next to a Loch up in the Highlands?

Well, don’t make any decisions just yet. We’ve still got the advantages to look at. And, boy, they’re pretty good. So tune in next week and we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why city life is actually pretty good. Until then, take care! Have a fantastic week and we’ll see you soon.