New Year, New Decade: In It Together

January is the worst.

It’s okay. We get it.

The bank account has taken an almighty battering, the weather wants to do you harm and you have enough pairs of hideous novelty socks left over from Christmas to stage an unabridged hand puppet production of War and Peace.

The equation seems depressingly simple, doesn’t it? Inevitable, even. This is Edinburgh, after all, and you know that if you don’t come up with a comical way to make use of the contents of your underwear draw then, come Festival time, somebody else will.

But before you reach for the sowing kit and a dictionary, it might be wise to put aside a moment or two to consider, honestly, what exactly it is that you want for yourself down the road ahead. It’s a big question, isn’t it? Of course it is. And a scary one too. The world is a turbulent, unpredictable place at the very best of times and doesn’t tend to take too fondly to the feverish schemes of the likes of you or I. But as we bid farewell to yet another year and another decade, it seems rash, even foolhardy, not to pause for a little while, take stock and look to do what we can to influence the outcomes of our own destinies. 

Here at Belvoir, we can’t help you with everything. We can’t help you with your diet. We can’t pick out the new TV for your living room for you. We can’t tell you if he or she truly is that special someone. What we CAN do, what we are brilliant at, is helping you with one of the most important decisions you will ever make: your property. That is something in which we are most definitely an expert in. Whether you are buying or selling a property here in Edinburgh, our excellent team can help you every step of the way. That is one big decision, one crucial decision, in which we can assure you that you will never be alone.

We also recognise that we too have some questions to ponder. How are we to move forward into these, the new 20’s?  What changes or additions are we going to explore? How are we going to improve our service as we move forward into uncertain times? These too are big questions. But they are exciting questions, full of opportunity.

One of the first things we are going to do is happening right here, right now. We are, as of this moment, going to communicate with you a lot more than we ever have before. Whether here on this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we want to share and talk and listen.

Why do we want to do these things? Because we care. Because we know that we can get better. Because we know that a property is never just a property. Because Edinburgh is our home too.

So, keep an eye out for Belvoir on your social media. Follow us and talk to us. Take a look at our website and even drop by the office, if the fancy should take you. I can almost guarantee you that nobody will bite.

Until then, Happy New Year to you.  We hope all of your dreams come true and that it is a year full of happiness, health and prosperity.

January is the worst.

It’s okay. We get it.

But we’re in it together.