Making Memories in Corstorphine

It can often be quite tempting, when travelling around this beautiful and bumpy world, to focus our attention on the next destination and not necessarily the journey that comes before it.

This, in our view, is a fundamental mistake. Life, after all, quite surely, is all about the journey.

Take Edinburgh as a classic example.

We all know what we have to offer here. The Old Town, The New Town…There is magic in every brick and every corner, waiting to be discovered and wondered over. They are immensely popular spots visited by millions of people every year.

However, did you notice what was around you when you were making your way to these places?

Corstorphine is a common entry point into the city centre. If you’ve gotten a bus or a car from Edinburgh Airport, you would have travelled through this green and community driven location.

With great bars, lovely walks and some of the sweetest people you will find anywhere, Corstorphine is a well-liked location in Edinburgh and one that many would like to eventually call their home.

We highly recommend that you don’t simply travel through these charming. For there are riches here as bright and precious as any you will find scattered around the more famous parts of town.

So, park the car or step off the bus. Discover what you didn’t know was there to be discovered.

To help you on your way, here’s a taster of some of the things that you can enjoy on this pretty and pleasurable patch.

Let’s make some memories!

The Village Cafe: We begin our list in the same order that we begin our day…With coffee. But not just any coffee. The best coffee that we can wrap our lips around. And, if you happen to be in Corstorphine for a day or have just moved into the area and looking for a delicious dose of caffeine, then The Village Cafe is your new best friend. Serving totally scrumptious food in a quite handsome setting, it gives some of the better known cafes a serious run for their money. And good for it. We love it. And so will you!

Edinburgh Zoo: When it comes to spectacular attractions, we do have more than our fair share here in Edinburgh. The Castle, Holyrood Palace…Well, it’s ridiculous. Probably our favourite, however, has got to be the utterly wonderful Edinburgh Zoo. Walking through those doors is like having a joyous hug from an old friend. If you’re feeling a pinch glum or a bit anxious because the new Belvoir Edinburgh blog entry hasn’t gone live yet (yeah, we know. It’s a rocky wait), then this bundle of goodness will lift you right up to the stratosphere. And, if you’re already feeling pretty good about yourself (because you got an early sneak peak of the next blog entry), then go anyway and see just how high you can get…What else is there to say about Edinburgh Zoo? It’s full of amazing animals. It’s on Corstorphine. Go. It’s amazing how happy a person can become so quickly.

Corstorphine Hill: The great outdoors contributes boundless therapeutic benefits for the mind, body and soul. A breath of fresh air, the sight of the birds and the raw smell of the earth…Man, that’s good stuff! Corstorphine Hill is a gorgeous space with woods, graveled paths and some truly stunning views that really will make you feel happy to be alive. If you’re a jogger or a dog walker, then it really doesn’t get much better than this. If you’re heading to its summit, take a look at Corstorphine Hill Tower whilst you’re there. Built in 1871 and marking the centenary of Sir Walter Scott’s death, this five-storey tower is just one of a handful of interesting features you’ll discover on your journey.

Corstorphine Tennis Club: If taking a leisurely stroll up and around Corstorphine Hill has gotten your sporty juices flowing and you now feel like taking part in something a little bit more competitive, then Corstorphine Tennis Club is most definitely for you. Available for all ages and abilities, this friendly club has three floodlit courts and a great social scene. So, if you fancy yourself as the next Andy Murray or Emma Raducanu, then raise your racket and get ready your strawberries and cream. Wimbledon eat your heart out. This place has served an ace.

The Torfin: There is nowhere, absolutely nowhere, you can go in Edinburgh and be far away from a top quality food and drinks establishment. And right here in Corstorphine, that is no different. The Torfin, a smart bar and grill with excellent service and top rated tasty treats, has garnered quite the reputation over the few years it has been in the game. Of course, you could get a bus into town and eat at one of the many amazing restaurants that the city has to offer. But why do that when you have this amazing venue at your doorstep? So book a table, work up an appetite and prepare yourself for something really special.

It’s enticing for many to head straight into the city centre when it comes to looking for a property or, especially, a little bit of sightseeing. But, on your way there, we highly recommend you take a look at the stunning stretch of Corstorphine. 

From everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you are doing well and that you have a truly wonderful week.