Living It Up On Lothian Road And Tollcross

As you stand at the west end of Princes St, admiring St John’s Scottish Episcopal Church and the postcard perfect imagery that sits around and beyond it, you won’t fail to notice the long stretch of road that unfolds perpendicular to Edinburgh’s main shopping street.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the lovely Lothian Road.

At its furthest tip lives Tollcross. A major junction whose name can be dated way back to 1439 and is now a buzzing and thriving area of town, well known for its restaurants and its artistic and bohemian flavour.

The positioning of these two spots allows you to have pretty swift access to key areas within the centre of town. Princes Street, Grassmarket, Bruntsfield and Fountainpark are all just moments away, by wheel or foot, and so living within its walls has been very popular for quite some time.

But it’s not just where they are that makes these locations ideal to live and visit. 

There is so much going on around these parts, with so much on offer, that it can be hard to know where to begin.

Well, let us give it a jolly enthusiastic bash and guide you through what we believe are simply unmissable highlights of this corner of the capital.

Are you ready?…Smashing!

Then let’s put on our walking boots and take a look around the exciting and fashionable land that is Lothian Road and Tollcross.

Traverse Theatre: Edinburgh is well known for its love of the performance arts. With the Edinburgh Festival every August and numerous top quality theatres all around the city, you’re never going to be at a loss if you love to go out and see a good show. One of the best theatres in town, however, has got to be the Traverse Theatre. Focusing on new writing and the very best fresh voices that Scotland has to offer, this superb venue has a collection of great performance spaces and frequently hosts the most interesting and thought-provoking plays around. Diverse, inclusive and home to one of the coolest bars in town, the Traverse is everything that a top quality theatre company should be. A masterpiece of creativity and innovation. 

Cameo Cinema: It has been said that the Cameo Cinema on Tollcross is an absolute favourite of legendary film director, Quentin Tarantino. If this is true, then it’s not difficult to see why. With its classy, independent vibe and cosy screens, there’s really no better way to chill out and catch a movie or two than right here in this legendary picturehouse. But there’s more to this place than simply its screens. The Cameo bar is a magnificent addition to the venue and one of the best places to enjoy a coffee and a chat in town. With touches of the movies all around, you’ll never get bored of things to look at or treats to taste…An Oscar worthy performance.

The Blackbird: Just up the road from the Cameo Cinema on the fringes of Tollcross, a Blackbird calls to passersby, inviting them in to raise a glass, enjoy some jolly good food and have a jolly good time. With a lovely interior and a charming beer garden for those oh too rare sunny days, The Blackbird has quietly become something of a favourite in these parts over the years. It was even voted in the top 30 cocktail bars and terraces in the UK by the Times Newspaper! Wow! Count us in! Whether it’s for a romantic evening out for two or a Friday night gathering with friends, this atmospheric and comfortable bar and restaurant is definitely somewhere to dip your beak…You’ll be tweeting about it for weeks!

Ting Thai Caravan: Like any hip and happening city in the world, Edinburgh has a vast range of cuisine on offer from across the globe. One of the great success stories in recent times has to be Ting Thai Caravan. Introducing their authentic Thai food to Edinburgh during the festival in 2012, a restaurant soon followed and they have gone from strength to strength ever since, with four restaurants now in operation (two in Edinburgh and two in Glasgow). The atmosphere in these places is electric and the taste of the food is certainly explosive as well. Here on Lothian Road, you can visit or even order for delivery. We highly recommend you visit the restaurant though. An absolute feast for the senses.

Edinburgh Farmers Market: If there’s something we like here in the capital, it’s a stroll through a tasty looking Farmers Market. Luckily for you, every Saturday between 9am and 2pm, you can skip on over to Castle Terrace and have a gander at some of the very best produce there is to offer. Stretched out under the gaze of Edinburgh Castle, you can find delicious area sourced foods and mingle with mates as your eyes pop at all of the delights on offer. A stunning variety of stalls and probably the best way to kick off your weekend. We do it every week. And soon, you will too.

Lothian Road and Tollcross has everything you could possibly want. At the bottom you’ve got the busy Princes Street. At the top you’ve got the calm of the Meadows. But in the middle…well…we’ve given you a taster.

A fabulous location and highly sought after, why not take a morning or an afternoon (or, heck, an evening) to see all there is to see. We think you’ll agree it’s hard to beat.

In any case, from everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you are all well and that you have an absolutely fabulous week.