January Blues: 5 Home Tips To Brighten The Mood

Well, it happened.

We knew it would. It happens every year.

It was swift and well managed, thank goodness. And we’re grateful for that. Really, we are…But it’s no less painful. The scars still run fresh and deep, and they will for some time to come. It will take time. Time and love.

(Sighs dramatically and turns to watch the rain patter, inconsolably, against the office window. He reaches for nature’s racing tears, streaming across the crystal clear glass, but feels nothing. All is empty. He feels nothing).

Is there a worse day on the annual calendar than the day you take down your Christmas decorations?

One minute, it’s all there. The colour. The lights. The cheer.  It’s all so wonderful and optimistic and delicious. And then, “Boom!”….It’s gone. All of it. Just…gone

The home, once so joyful, suddenly appears so desperate and sad. Like it has given up.  It’s soul destroying. It’s practically a Radiohead concert.

(He sighs, once more. Dramatically, of course) …January sucks.

But, you know what? We’re not going to let this grizzly old month get us down. And neither, dear reader, are you.

The state of the home can often have an impact on the state of our minds, so why not have a think about making some positive changes to your surroundings and slap that beautiful, cheeky smile back onto that lovely, pudgy wee face of yours?

To get you started, we’ve compiled 5 quick and easy ideas that we think will do just the trick for you and your entire outlook on life…Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be just fine.

Declutter: The place might look empty now it has been stripped of all of its Christmas sparkle, but there is still plenty of bits and pieces dotted about, some of which not being entirely welcome. If you want to know how to beat the January blues, you’ll be making a good start by tidying away anything that is just causing a mess. This doesn’t have to be a full scale spring clean (that comes later), but going through each room and making it appear tidy and organised will help get you on the right track to positive mental health.

Sunny Colours: In this rather awkward spot in-between Christmas time and spring (commonly referred to as winter), adding a splash of colour around you can help provide a major boost in the happiness department. Whether it’s a duvet, a sofa throw or even a new cookie jar, adding some fresh eye candy around the home is a simple change anyone can make and it really helps you feel like you are living in a more comforting environment. Give it a try! And don’t forget to fill that cookie jar.

Bedroom Freshness: If you don’t have any super colourful bedding and don’t really fancy spending any money after the festive spending frenzy, just changing what you have can make all the difference. Yes, we should all put on fresh sheets regularly as it is, but you don’t need to stop there. Think about your lighting, how the room smells and what you can do to bring a bit of serenity about the space. Got an Alexa? Ask her to play some bird sounds whilst you read the latest bestseller. The possibilities are endless. Put your thinking cap on.

Plant Perfection: The Christmas tree may be gone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some green goodness around to help lift your spirits. We won’t tell you what to get as we all have our different tastes and some plants suit some places more than others. However, do be mindful of anything that could be harmful to pets or/and children. For a quick guide, take a look at our blog entry Toxic Houseplants: What To Avoid from a couple of years ago. They may be pretty, but they can also be deadly.

Coffee Calm: Feeling good isn’t just about what you see. Smell has a crucial role to play when helping us feel relaxed and comfortable and very little smells quite as good as a freshly made cup of coffee. You’ve got your new cookie jar and stacked it full of crunchy goodies. Now all you need is the beverage to go with it. Treat yourself to a new caffettiera or coffee machine and enjoy the sweet aroma of a quiet French café. Mmmm. Bliss.

January can really get us down in the dumps, so do what you can around the home to help keep you going. It might not seem like it right now, but spring time really is just around the corner. Until then, keep smiling…Everything’s going to be just fine.

(He smiles to himself. The sun breaks through the clouds and a trickle of light kisses his nose. A change is coming).