Lockdown Love: Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2021

You’d be forgiven for not quite feeling in the romantic mood at the moment. The word ‘grim’ doesn’t really seem to quite cut it. It somehow feels an awful lot more than that. But, for now, let’s go with it and call it grim… It’s grim. Things are grim.

Here at Belvoir Edinburgh, however, we like to look on the bright side of things. We just do. It’s who we are! We’re kind of fun that way. Call us weird! Call us deluded! Call us what you like, but we think that there is plenty to be cheerful about at the moment and that you – yes, you! – need to put on your sexy face and bring out the romance ninja in you.

The vaccine is on the way! It snowed this week! SCOTLAND BEAT ENGLAND IN THE SIX NATIONS!!!…What more do you want? If that’s not enough to get you in the mood for love, then we just don’t know what will.

“But the restaurants?  The bars? The cinemas? They’re all closed! What will we do? What will we do?!”.

Pull yourself together! You’re a romance ninja, remember? You don’t need restaurants or bars or cinemas to woo that special someone! Use your head!

Alright, we get you. You need a little help. Don’t worry about it. You’re young, you’re in love and you need a little bit of direction. It’s okay. Relax. You came to the right place. Your Sensei is here.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at home and still come away with top points…You’re welcome.

Breakfast In Bed: How better to kick of a day of love and romance than with a good old fashioned breakfast in bed? Order in or make it yourself, it’s completely up to you. But waking up to a tasty almond croissant with orange juice or a full on Scottish breakfast is bound to get you in the good books for the rest of the day. Not that’s why you’re doing it, of course.  You’re doing it because you love them and you want them to be happy. No point scoring here!…Wink, wink.

Romantic Walk: So, you’re both full from a lovely breakfast and are now bouncing with gooey, heart-shaped energy. Why not take a walk through the beautiful streets of Edinburgh and enjoy some good quality time together? At time of writing, there’s still plenty of snow cloaking The Meadows and Arthur’s Seat. If the weather is good, take each other’s hand and enjoy the view. Or, if you’re feeling especially playful, build yourselves a snow couple. Whatever you do, be sure to have fun.

Home Spa: It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but turning your living room into a private spa could be a great way to relax if going outside just isn’t an option. You can order some oils, facemasks, etc, online and have a day of absolute, unadulterated relaxation. Why not be really self-indulgent and get some scented candles on the go as well? Yes, it all sounds a little bit silly. But it’s Valentine’s Day! Nobody else needs to know.

Delicious Dinner: Speaking of candles, a romantic dinner is a must for any lover of 14th February. Set up the table, pour the sparkly stuff and, yes, do get dressed up for the occasion.  If you’re not really much of a cook and are worried that your chilli con carne won’t quit cut the mustard, just order something in that you never ordinarily would. Thai? Italian? Heck, go Scottish! The choice is yours. Go for it! Enjoy!

Movie Magic:  It has been a busy old day, what with all the eating and walking and staring into one another’s eyes. So, kick back, relax and bring it all to a close with a soppy movie to snuggle up to. When Harry Met Sally? Four Weddings And A Funeral? Predator? There are so many great films out there. It’s the perfect way to end the perfect day.

Not everybody is in a position to spend time with the one they love and some are, proudly, living the single life. You can do many of these things in person, online or entirely on your own, so don’t forget to enjoy your day whatever your situation.

From everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Stay safe, stay warm and keep smiling.