How to Make Your Home More Relaxing

It’s probably fair to say that we’re all a little bit stressed out right now.

There’s no need to go into the reasons why. That would be pretty silly at this point. We all know what has been going on, if not quite entirely certain where, how or why it will end.

We have all had time to practice our new routines. Settle into new rhythms and structures as we weave our way through this seemingly endlessly complex and daunting situation. It can all be quite dizzying. And, needless to say, immensely terrifying.

And so, learning to relax, even in the most difficult of times, is a trick we have all had to learn all over again. For some, you may still be trying to find your way to that restful place. A favourite book? A silly sitcom? Each person is different. Each person has their own methods to calm the mind and steady the agitated heart. And they’re all right, if they work for you.

A powerful cure for flustered nerves is having the ability and will to tame your environment. Now this is not, of course, always possible. In any surroundings where the human population expands beyond your single self, there is always the potential for unwanted tensions and unnecessary quirks.

The home, however, is a slightly different proposition. And it is the home where we will focus our attention from here on in. Because, if you should be able to relax anywhere, it should be here.

It is not always easy. Nobody is going to pretend that it is. The distractions are many and the opportunities are few. But there are things you can do in your home to make it more hospitable to your needs.

So, for those of you in need of a helping hand, or even those who think they’re doing okay, here are 5 tips on how you can make your home a more relaxing and healthier place to be.

Declutter: We know it can be hard to find the time or the motivation to sort out the mess, but it can do wonders to your state of mind. Tidying your home can, believe it or not, simultaneously, tidy up your head. In other words, get your home in order and you’ll be well prepared to take on anything that the rest of the world throws at you. So don’t just dismiss those random bits and pieces cluttering up your home. Put those bags away. Organise the kitchen chaos. Get that sorted and feel the weight lift, as if by magic, from your weary shoulders.

Comforting Sounds: Ever taken and early morning walk and felt utterly at peace with the sound of the birds? Sounds have a powerful impact on how we feel and, by extension, our health.  On a rainy day, open your window and listen to the water patter on the trees. Listen to the blackbird chatter away in the bush. Or, if you live in a busy area, put on some calming music or chill out sounds.  All we hear is bad news these days. Allow yourself to listen to something that brings you some peace and happiness.

Plant Life: Plants are a frequent subject here on the blog and, for that, we make no apology. There are so many benefits to having our leafy friends dotted around the place that they seem to be a cure for just about anything and everything. And, when it comes to calming you down after a stressful day, paying attention to your Bonsai Tree (or whatever plant happens to tickle your fancy) can bring you right back to nature. Try and have at least one plant in your home to distract you from less pleasant things. They look great, can smell great and respond well to love. And love, as we all well know, is always the answer.

Relaxing Smells: Whether it’s plants, rain or freshly baked bread, smell, like sound, can have the power to make us feel, well, all gooey inside. You’ll know yourself what particular scents lift your spirits, so why not introduce them into your home? What about a Christmas smelling candle? We know it’s not Christmas yet, but….well, we love Christmas.

Turn Off The Tech: It’s not usually our style to leave the most crucial point to last, but we really want you to remember this one…Take a break from your phone.  Turn off your television. Silence the radio. Focus on what is happening with you, where you are in that moment. Recharge your batteries and leave the rest of the crazy world behind for an hour or two. Trim the bonsai Tree. Listen to the rain outside your window. You’ll feel so much better for it.

We all know it’s tough right now, which is why it’s so important to be able to relax when the opportunity comes around. Your home is your space. It is your zone to be who you are. Mould it in a way that benefits you. Help it to help you.

From everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you are all well and happy.

Take care. And happy housekeeping.