Hall Of Fame: How To Make Your Hallway Sing Again.

It’s probably the last place you think of when you move into a new pad. In fact, let’s be honest, you may not end up thinking about it at all, ever.

And why would you?

The hallway is an odd sort of place. We all have them. Or, at least, most of us do. They serve little to no function, we barely spend any time there at all and when we are there it’s almost always to get somewhere else. It is, to put it bluntly, a stupendously pointless waste of space and precious creative time…Right?


Let’s step back a minute.

What is the first room you step into when you walk through the front door? It can vary, of course, but the likelihood is that it is some kind of hallway. This is the room that welcomes you in when you’ve had a tough day at the office. For a guest, this is where your home says “Hey! How you doing? This is what I’m all about. Come in! Stay a while. Kick up a chair!”

To neglect the hallway is to neglect your home’s opportunity to introduce itself. And that, dear reader, is just plain rude.

So settle in, grab your quill and put your thinking trousers on. Because we’re going to talk about how you are going to help your hallway find its voice and sing like the annoyingly talented diva we all know it could be. Reflection Perfection: Yes, we know we like to go on about mirrors an awful lot in this blog, but, when it comes to the hallway, you really can’t do without one of these darling looking glasses hanging up on your wall. Spot of raspberry jam on your nose? Toothpaste in your hair? Best find out now before you wander into that important board meeting. The hallway mirror is your best friend and will save you from all sorts of funny looks in the coming years. If you haven’t got one already, probably a good idea to hop to it.

A Place To Hang Your Hat: There is something about a coat hanger stand that seems so proper. You can get a hanger that sticks to the wall, of course, but they just don’t ooze the same sort of class. It’s practical, looks great and, frankly, not as common a home addition as it ought to be. If you get one of these, you’ll wonder why on earth you’ve never had one before. And they’re not all as expensive as you might think!

Doormat Style: A doormat might only be there to wipe your feet after you’ve been out and about all day, but that’s no reason not to inject a little bit of fun into the situation. You can get all kinds of shapes and sizes these days, not to mention pieces of inspired/questionable decorative invention. Why not use this as an opportunity to express your more quirky side?

Furniture Delights: There might not always be room for any furniture in a hallway, but, if it is at all possible, they can prove to be quite useful as well as stylish. A bench to sit on whilst encouraging your boots to cooperate? A small table on which to place your key bowl? Have a think about it. There’s plenty that you could do to make the space have more of a purpose.

Gallery Of Joy: If you have a collection of family photos that you’ve always wanted to do something with, then this is your chance. The hallway is a great place to hang up those precious memories and express your history and your passion in a way that is ever present. If you don’t happen to have photographs, anything that makes you smile will obviously do just as well. This is your hallway, after all. This is your home.

It’s easy to ignore your hallway and imagine it simply as a bridge to more fruitful places, but the space is there to be used. So, why not use it!

We hope this entry has inspired you to investigate the possibilities presented to you further. You never know. It may end up being your most treasured spot in the entire home.

Good luck! And happy housekeeping.