Hogmanay 2021: How To Celebrate New Year Alone

No doubt you have heard the news. The Edinburgh Hogmanay street party has been cancelled…again.

Bars are still open, thankfully, though restrictions have been reintroduced to help curb the spread of…well, you know what. All in all, it appears that 2021 is going to finish much in the same fashion as it started: utterly exasperating.

But, here in our great capital, we don’t let a pesky pandemic get in the way of a good party.

If you live with loved ones, you’ll no doubt already have something stupendous tucked up your sleeves to help make it an absolutely rockin’ night to remember. If not, why not take a look at our blog Hogmanay 2020: Celebrating The New Year At Home from last year. We think you’ll find plenty there to get the party juices flowing.

If you’re living alone, however, things can get rather more tricky, particularly if you really want to do something, but don’t want to mingle physically in the current situation. We are, after all, understandably if frustratingly, being encouraged to stay at home at the present moment.

There are some options in the blog highlighted above for those seeking solitude this Hogmanay, but since we’re a jolly and generous lot, we’re going to take a look at some more lovely options for you to make sure that, even if you’re by yourself, willingly or not, there’s absolutely no excuse for you not to put on your happy hat and have an absolutely fabulous time.

So, put the bottle of fizz in the fridge and stock up on those succulent sausage rolls. Because we’re going to end this year the right way: with a cheer.

Reorganize Your Space: A new year is nearly upon us, so why not kick it all off in a place that’s just a little bit different. Shuffle your living room or bedroom around and see if it feels like a ‘you’ you can get on board with in 2022. Sofa by the window? Television on the wall as you’ve always wanted? The choice, as they say, is yours. Play around with it and see if there is anything that jumps out at you. If there’s a time for a change, then that time is now.

Plan Some Video Calls: You might be hanging out by yourself tonight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with family and friends. Organise some times when you can chat to those you love and wish everyone a happy Hogmanay. You know you’re charming, they know you’re charming and, yes, we know you’re charming. So set it up and get chatting. Maybe even set up a group talk or a game/movie! What are you waiting for? Get to it!

Read A Book: There is every chance, of course, that you’re not the chatty type. Maybe that’s why you decided to find a place of your own. Or, maybe, you’re all talked out after a busy Christmas and just want a bit of peace and quiet (Yeah. We get it). So, why not curl up on the sofa, get a good pot of tea brewing with a pack of your favourite biscuits, and get lost in a good book. That War and Peace has been sitting there for 12 years and you haven’t given it a glance? Give it a try!

Cook Something Special: You know, putting in an effort in the kitchen doesn’t always have to be romantic or for someone else. This is your night as much as anyone else’s, so treat yourself to something ridiculously tasty! Nachos? Fajitas? Steak and chips? Whatever you really love and crave, just go for it! Or why not try something new? A pizza from scratch? With a nice prosecco? Mmm…Yes, please!

Reflect And Plan: It has been a rough old year for all of us and reflection on the past 12 months might not be top on your priority list right now. It is, however, a trip worth going on. Not just of this past year, but on all of the years you have seen so far. Who are you? Where have you been? Where are you now? Where do you want to go and how will you get there? Have a time of reflection, but don’t dwell on it too much. Time only moves forward. Make sure you’re looking and focusing your attention in the right direction. It’s going to be a great year because you’re going to make it a great year. It’s time to make some plans.

However you decide to spend this Hogmanay, we at Belvoir Edinburgh hope you have a truly special time. Keep safe and keep merry.

Happy New Year!