Halloween 2023: Top 5 Spookiest Spots In Edinburgh

Are you afraid of the dark?

You should be.

You never know what evil lurks, deep in the darkest shadows of the world.

Ghouls? Ghosts? Zombies even?…Well, who am I to say. But, here in Edinburgh, we have a history of the macabre and the…unnatural.

Are you brave enough to step outside into Auld Reekie’s tortured night this crisp, dank Halloween? Or will you, like the coward to are, stay at home and wait for the break of dawn to cast out this wickedness for another year.

Oh…You believe you can take it? We think we know you better than that.

Very well. Then let us lay you down a challenge to prove your miserable worth.

Down below sit 5 places in Edinburgh so evil, so terribly monstrous, so unimaginably terrifying, that, if completed…Well, we might just let you live…this time.


You should be.

You will be.

Here are some ghastly Halloween treats from us to you. Enjoy!

Greyfriar’s Kirkyard: Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, this spooky and unnerving spot has gotten under the skin of many a wandering soul over the years. Known as one of the most haunted locations in the entire United Kingdom, the stories we could tell you about this place would make your skin crawl. Reports of people coming away with scratches, bruises and other ghastly things have been in the press repeatedly, and yet people continue to be drawn back to its mystery…Do you have the courage to enter through the gates of the dark Greyfriar’s Kirkyard? If you think you do, then see yourself to get on one of the several tours available. Just remember to keep your wits about you. You never know who’s standing right behind you.

Mary King’s Close: One of the most popular attractions in all of Edinburgh, this labyrinth of underground streets is just about as spooky as they come. Situated under the Royal Mile, you don’t need to see anything ghostly to recognise that there’s something not quite right about the place. And, given its history, that’s hardly surprising. Murder, plague, corruption…If you can think of something evil, you can bet your bottom dollar that it happened here. Alleged sightings of ghosts are frequent and have been relayed for hundreds of years. Keep your eye out for a young girl who haunts the home where she died. If you feel a tug on your coat or a whimper close by…Well, keep telling yourself it’s nothing. It probably isn’t. Probably.

The Vaults: Much like Mary King’s Close, the South Bridge Vaults are highly popular with tourists that wish to learn about its grisly past and experience the somewhat chilling atmosphere. In fact, if there is a place in Edinburgh to go for those interested in ‘haunted locations’, then the vaults are, by some distance, the most attended. A place of crime and murder (the infamous Burke and Hare were said to have targeted their victims here), there is a darkness and fiendishness to the place that can be a bit much for some. A lot of very bad things happened here, and the ice cold walls have not forgotten this. Book a tour and enter if you dare. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Be sure to watch our Belvoir Edinburgh team take a tour around the ghostly vaults this Halloween.

The White Hart Inn: Walk into any pub in Edinburgh and say the words ‘ghost story’ and you’ll have a queue of people eager to tell you an eerie tale of something they’ve seen, heard or felt. Because, here in Auld Reekie, almost all drinking holes are reputed to be haunted by some fiend or another. Now, we like an entertaining story as much as the next person, and where better to hear a good old fashioned ghost story than in the candle lit gloom of a creaky tavern. But, if you want a really chilling experience, we would highly recommend The White Hart Inn. Dating back to 1516 and one of Edinburgh’s oldest pubs, this just might be the capital’s most haunted drinking establishment. Flying objects, slamming doors, freaky apparitions…There are spirits here that do not come in a bottle or glass. So, head on down to the Grassmarket for a nice glass of port and a cheeky bite to eat. Hear the stories that need to be told. Just don’t go to the bathroom alone.…Mwahahahaha!!!!

Edinburgh Playhouse: Maybe, just maybe, Halloween really isn’t for you. And so, to avoid all of the trick or treating, Halloween costumes and demonic possessions, you head to the Playhouse Theatre to see a nice little show and let all of those Halloween cobwebs blow right away, unnoticed ,for another year…However, dear reader, you know in your heart that you cannot escape the darkness. Theatres have a past too. And the Playhouse Theatre has a past that still walks along its corridors and lingers in the blood red auditorium. He is the phantom of the opera. And his name is Albert. Since the 1950’s, reports of a spectre have risen of a man who simply refuses to leave. He died on the job you see, alone in the building one night, and, well, let’s just say there have been some odd goings on…Don’t worry! We’re sure you’ll have a lovely time. He’s a nice enough spirit and always eager to help…Sometimes a little too eager…But don’t be afraid! Because, as we all know, ghosts aren’t real! Are they?

Edinburgh is the perfect place to really soak in that Halloween atmosphere. Old, gothic, cold..

If there are such things as ghosts and ghouls, then this is the place you will find them. If finding them is really what you want.

Whatever it is you decide to do the 31st October, we here at Belvoir Edinburgh hope you all have a terrifyingly good Halloween.

But remember: none of it is real. It’s all make believe. We don’t want to give you nightmares.