Halloween 2021: 5 Spooky Things To Do In Edinburgh

Are you afraid?……You will be.

The moon is out. A lingering mist crawls, softly, along the damp, cobbled Old Town streets…Wait! What was that? A scream?…No. Just a cat…Yes, of course. It was just a cat.

A streetlight flickers, manically, up ahead. You’re all alone. Or you think you are. Is that a woman you see? Dressed all in black? Or just a shadow? A trick of the light, maybe?

The mist has thickened. An icy chill prickles at your skin…You’re sure you saw someone. Just beneath the light…

Footsteps begin to echo behind you.

Click. Clack. Click. Clack.

A Tourist, perhaps? A late night walker?… They’re getting closer. Sharp. Fast.

Click. Clack. Click. Clack.

Don’t look behind you. Just keep moving.

Click! Clack! Click! Clack!

Don’t look behind you! Don’t look behind you! Keep moving! Faster. Go faster!

A taxi emerges from the gloom and you hail it. Before you step in, you glance over your shoulder back down the street from which you came…Not a soul. Not a spirit in sight. It was nothing. It was all in your mind. Your imagination running rampant…How silly. You’re so silly.

Halloween is here, you crazy devils! And, if there is one place you want to be at this terrifying time of year, it is in the haunted and ghoulish city of Edinburgh.

Looking for things to do or places to go in the city to make the hairs on your neck stand up straight? Well, here are 5 recommendations from us of 5 spooky things to do in Edinburgh this Halloween.

Don’t be scared. …Mwahaha!!

Walking Tours: Edinburgh is one eerie place with tonnes of history to immerse yourself into. And some of that history, ladies and gentlemen, is pretty gosh darn grim. If you’re into your spooky stories and fascinated by some of the more haunted (allegedly) locations in the city, then get involved in one of the many walking tours on offer. There are ghost walks for all budgets (including free) and they’re all utterly terrifying. Bring someone to hold onto. It’s going to get freaky.

Ghost Bus Tour: If walking around isn’t for you or if the grizzly Scottish weather sounds a bit damp and dreary, then hop on board the ghostly tour bus.  A bit on the theatrical side and bone-rattlingly fun, the tour begins at the legendary Lawnmarket and is 75 minutes of laughter and frights. The bus itself actually used to carry dead bodies, so the person you’re sitting next you…Well, let’s just say they might not be quite what you think.

Edinburgh Dungeon: This might be an obvious one, but it’s always a winner. If the weather is rainy and the Ghost Bus is all sold out, this is the perfect option to help put you in the Halloween spirit. With just the right combination of costumes, history and scares, the Edinburgh Dungeon is a truly unique and crazily fun experience. Take a deep breath. Put your brave face on. You’ll be fine…Honestly.

Pub Tour: Is there a pub in Edinburgh that isn’t haunted? Probably not (allegedly), but some pubs are especially haunted and particularly fun at this time of year. There is no shortage of pubs with a past and some of them have some great stories to tell.  The Banshee Labyrinth on Niddry Street is always popular with the horror crowd (it has cinema bound to be showing something frightful). Or what about a bloody concoction at Frankenstein’s? A meal at The Witchery? There’s plenty here in Auld Reekie to get your stomach churning.

Samhuinn Fire Festival: Usually takes place on the peak of Edinburgh’s Calton Hill and it is one of the most special moments on the city calendar. Celebrating the transition from summer to winter, the celtic ritual of Samhuinn is dramatic, spectacular and a wonder to behold. With fire, drumming, immersive theatre and a lot more, this is one to be involved in at least once in your life. Dead good.

We love tales of things that go bump in the night and this city of ours has an unbelievable amount to offer those who love to be scared to death.

Whatever it is you decide to do this Halloween, we hope you all have a terrifyingly good time. And remember…They’re not real. It’s all in your imagination. They’re just stories…

Click. Clack. Click. Clack.