Guy Fawkes 2021: Celebrating Bonfire Night In Edinburgh

Here in the Scottish capital, we like a good fireworks display.

Hogmanay, the Festival…Tim’s birthday…Whenever there is an excuse to get celebrating (and, let’s face it, it doesn’t take much), there’s a big, bright box of colourful explosives just itching to go off and make some noise.

The most famous time of all to let loose a few rockets and Catherine Wheels is, of course, the annual Guy Fawkes Night.

Now, if you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of the history of how this night all came to be. But, if you’re new to the country and don’t happen to know anything about it, please take a moment to look at our blog entry Guy Fawkes: 5 Interesting Facts About The Nation’s Favourite Villain. We think you’ll find it fascinating and you might just learn a few things that many will not be aware of.

This year, much like last year, things are still not going to be quite back to normal as far as public events go. Many firework displays in the city are not going ahead due to continuing COVID  precautions, though there are some still determined to go ahead a little further afield, such as at the great Musselburgh Racecourse.

So, is that it? Is there nothing you do on your own to celebrate this famous night?

Of course there is!

Let us light up your imagination with these dynamite ideas.

Garden Display: This is by no means possible for a lot of people and we must all also be mindful of neighbours and any pets that might be around. However, if safely put together and thoughtfully organised, you could always light a little bonfire and shoot some fireworks of your own in your back garden. Be responsible and don’t keep it too long, but this could be a lot of fun.

Food & Drink: If you’re outside and enjoying the festivities, getting something warm and tasty inside of you is all part of it. November nights can be chilly, so why not cook up some burgers and hotdogs in the kitchen and munch on those bad boys outside whilst enjoying the show? Hot chocolate? Gluhwein?  Don’t mind if we do!

Dress Up: Theatre is a big part of Edinburgh culture and an opportunity to get all dressed up is rarely missed. Get fixed up with a Guy Fawkes mask or maybe even some dashing seventeenth century costumes. You’ll feel right in the spirit dressed to the nines and much more in touch with the time in question.

Sparklers: Having your own display, as we just mentioned, is not always realistic. Sparklers, however, can be enjoyed outside and are much more practical to enjoy for all ages. Quiet, beautiful and bags of fun, you can pick these up quite cheaply in town and still feel like you’re a part of the celebrations. They are suitable for children, but make sure they use them under strict adult supervision.

Pick Your Peak: Of course, sometimes we don’t want any of the fuss and just want to see a nice display. It is, after all, why we go to professional events. So, if the weather is not to cruel, why not head up to the Castle or Calton Hill and watch the Edinburgh landscape burst to life as fireworks crack the sky across the city and beyond. Could there be a more romantic way to spend any evening? We don’t think so.

Guy Fawkes Night is always a lot of fun and this year is going to be no different.

However you decide to celebrate, we at Belvoir Edinburgh hope you have a truly wonderful time. Remember to keep safe. Remember to keep warm. But remember, above all, to enjoy this 5th of November.