Getting to Know Fountainbridge & Polworth

Fountainbridge is an area of fun and entertainment. It’s the birthplace of Sir Sean Connery for goodness sake! What did you expect?

With great places to eat, an amazing cinema and access to some truly lovely walks, it’s hardly surprising that the area has become so popular over the years, as it grows, exponentially, from strength to strength.

Hugging up close to Fountainbridge and sharing the spectacle that is the Union Canal, Polworth may appear to simply be a popular residential area. Quiet and friendly, you wouldn’t be far wrong. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else here to enjoy. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Close to the city centre and with excellent transport links, both of these spots have made their way pretty close to the top of the list when it comes to looking for somewhere to rent or buy a property.

So, what are they all about? What is it that Fountainbridge and Polworth have to offer and why should you pay them any attention?

Fortunately for you, we’re a ‘fountain’ of knowledge.

So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you to a part of town that is always on the up.


Let’s take a look!

Cafe Florentin: An essential for any area these days is to have a place where you can go to have a great cup of coffee, a tasty bite to eat and a chilled out hour or two to catch up on a good book . Well, here in Polworth, you’re in luck. It is quite well known around these parts that, if these are the sorts of things you are looking for, there is nowhere better to go than Cafe Florentin. Its rustic aesthetic and chilled out mood will win you over before you’ve even taken your seat. And, when you do, you’ll never want to leave. It’s got a great selection of food and drinks to choose from and the service is second to none…Our advice? If you go there in the morning, you have to try their Almond Croissants. They’ll change your life….Yum!!!

Union Canal: After your utterly scrumptious (and delicately naughty) almond croissant, you may feel the need for a marginally brisk walk in order to temper any lingering feelings of guilt. Now, we don’t think that there’s anything to feel guilty about, but if a nice stroll along calm waters is your cup of tea, then the Union Canal is the dollop of sugar that you’ve been pining for. Popular with walkers and cyclists alike, this picturesque and peaceful stretch runs all the way to Falkirk and a great way to escape the urban wilderness. With plenty of wildlife to observe and canal boats drifting peacefully by, you’ll think you’ve found a little piece of heaven. Summer Sunday mornings have never looked so good.

Harrison Park: Living in a city is great. However, sometimes, we need to get away from it all, breath in that air and enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet. Thankfully, Edinburgh is blessed with some of the best green spaces you are likely to find in any city in the UK. One such space is the beautifully green Harrison Park. Right next to the Union Canal and a perfect spot for a morning walk or summertime picnic, this lush park is just what you need if a touch of the country is really your thing. Of course, the warmer months will, predictably, be a bit busier. But it will be full of happy people praising the universe that the sun has finally come out to play…Amen!

Cineworld: There are lots of cinemas in Edinburgh and they come in all different shapes and sizes. But, if you like your movie experience big, loud and brightly coloured, then there’s nowhere else to go in town than to Cineworld Edinburgh. Undoubtedly the highlight of Fountainpark’s entertainment complex, this thirteen screen monster of a multiplex has all the recent box office smashes, with some smaller movies and nostalgia trips thrown in for good measure. Their Unlimited Card is essential for all of you movie buffs out there. For a monthly fee costing less than the price of two adult tickets, you can see as many films as you want! It’s a no brainier! So, grab your popcorn and make your way down the foyer…We’ll see you at the movies.

The Fountain: It’s always good to know that, wherever it is you’re living in the world, there’s a reliable place to go where you can have a drink, maybe a meal, and catch up with friends after a hard week at work. Around here you have nothing short of one of the best with the aptly named The Fountain. Having gone through changes over the years, this once notoriously rough pub that locals dubbed ‘Vietnam’ (we’ll let you imagine why), is now one of the finest bars in all of Edinburgh. Family friendly and with a really chilled out atmosphere, this fantastic bar is the number one place to go for some awesome food and a great selection of drinks. Simply sublime.

Fountainbridge and Polworth are two areas that seem to be getting more and more popular as time goes by. With a little bit of something for everyone, and easy access to the city centre, you’d be mad not to consider taking a peek if you’re looking for a new home in the city.

Got you curious? Go on. Go take a look.

In any case, from everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you are all doing ridiculously well and that your week is the best you’ve ever had.