Hot Topics: Fire Safety In The Home

It sort of goes without saying that many of us are spending an awful lot more time in the home at the moment. We’re all, quite rightly, still cautious about being out and about with the Coronavirus yet to be extinguished. Bars and restaurants, at time of writing, are limited in their activity. And the weather…well…just take a look outside.

The fairy lights are burning brightly, Netflix is permanently on Modern Families and the radiators’ have beat off the summer dust to turn a familiar touch of warm and welcoming. You’re all sorted. Home, for the most part, is pretty much where it’s at for now.

But with all of this activity comes great risk.

Fire safety in the home should always be a key concern, but during the cold season it is especially important. And during the cold season during Covid? It is crucial.

Over the next few months, we are all going to have more stuff on, more often and for longer. It’s going to be brighter, warmer and, potentially, more dangerous. And so, to be on the safe side, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things you should bear in mind to make sure you and your family are safe this winter. It will only take a few minutes to read and it may, on occasion, state the obvious. But just checking some of these points could prevent a very nasty accident from occurring. So, take a look and take note. It could save your life.

Candle Care: We spoke last week about how this time of year really is the candle season, but please do be careful. They look so pretty and do evoke something deep within all of us, but these are naked flames we’re talking about and they should be treated with great caution and respect. Do not leave them unattended if you can help it and keep them away from anything that could be at all flammable. Keep the numbers low and the location smart. Do this and you will have a lovely lit space to enjoy this winter. Do it not and a moment of carelessness could cost you dearly.

Radiator Smarts: It’s getting cold and the radiators are being switched on. The cat loves it and so do your chilly little tootsies. Just remember not to leave anything too close to these scorching bad boys for too long. Socks and slippers may feel lovely and warm if left to toast in front of the living room heater, but a bit of absent mindedness could spell absolute disaster. Make sure everything is a safe distance away from all of your radiators and you should be fine. Just take a quick dash around the place to make sure that everything is right and dandy.

Unplugging: It might feel good to have everything on the go in these dark and dreary days, but it really shouldn’t be done. It’s not being very energy efficient and, more importantly, it can be quite unsafe. The more you have plugged in, the more chance you have of something malfunctioning or overheating. Extension leads packed with extension plugs packed with plugs…It’s an accident waiting to happen. Don’t do it. If you’re not using a device, switch it off and unplug it. It’ll save energy and maybe a lot more.

Cooking Clarity: Food is what this time of year is all about. Casseroles, stews…Heck, even a jam slapped slice of toast is going to put a giant smile on your tummy! We’re all doing it and we’re all doing more of it. But, at risk of sounding like a broken old record, do not leave anything that’s heating up alone to cause mischief. A toaster toasts and a cooker cooks, meaning they both get hot and could, could, be a source for concern if left unattended for too long. And, in any case, who wants a burnt brisket? Yuck!

Well Wired: We’re all going to use electrical equipment at some point during our day, so a key thing you can do to prevent any mishaps is to make sure that the item in the question is in top order. How’s the wiring? Is the plug getting hot quickly? Is it giving off a strange smell? Check these things out and get on top of them before anything bad happens. It may be nothing and it may have been that way for years, but is it really worth the risk? Best get it sorted.

House fires are disastrous and, quite often, can be avoided. Test your property against these 5 points and you’ll make a giant leap into ensuring that everything goes to plan this winter. And, on one final point, make sure your smoke alarms are working! Remember, they could save your life and everybody else at the property.

From everyone at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you are all well, warm and happy.

Take care! Keep smiling. And Happy Housekeeping!