Discovering Stockbridge

There is something of the Sunday morning about the picturesque, cobbled streets of Stockbridge.

A former village and sitting, handsomely, around the rushing Water Of Leith, it has a charm and unique sense of identity that sets itself part from the rest of the city in a way few other places do.

With its eclectic collection of independent stores, quirky cafes and a cheese monger (the now legendary I. J. Mellis)  that will send any cheddar lover wild, you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that you were not actually in Edinburgh at all. But, just a fifteen minute walk away from Princes Street and a stone’s throw from the glorious magic of Dean Village (another must for all of you Instagramers out there), you’d be hard pressed to find a more perfect spot if you’re looking to settle down in a location that can provide the best of all worlds.

It is, as you can possibly imagine, popular with locals and visitors alike. And yet, it never feels especially over run. Despite its appeal and more modest proportions, it seems – at least for the most part – to maintain an enviable sense of calm and peace that is attractive even to the local heron (Yes, Stockbridge has a local heron).

So, let us take a walk, you and I. Amongst the elegant Georgian and Victorian houses. Amongst the scent of early morning bread and the chatter of riverside birds.

Let us grab a coffee, you and I, and take a stroll in one of the most beloved and beautiful spots in all of Edinburgh.

Let us go and fall in love… with Stockbridge.

Cowan & Sons: What’s better than a café? A café that’s also a print shop! That’s right! You can sit there having a delicious cup of coffee and some top quality nosh, and also admire and purchase some fantastic art all in the same place, at the same time! How wild is that? It is the sort of experience that you could only come across in somewhere like this, and, for that reason alone, it is worth poking your nose through the door to have a look. A delightful neighbourhood café, slap-bang in the middle of Stockbridge. An absolute must.

Golden Hare Books: This award winning bookshop has garnered quite the reputation across the city over the years as being something of a gem. And it’s not difficult to see why. Well priced and beautifully laid out, the selection of books available will have you mesmerized for a lifetime. There’s a wood-burning stove, a snazzy children’s area…Well, let’s just say it’s not your average sort of store. So, if you want to introduce your children to the magic of words and pictures, or you just fancy visiting a world class bookshop that happens to be on your doorstep, then look no further than this stylish and independent little number.

Royal Botanic Garden: A short skip and a jump from the centre of Stockbridge you’ll discover a slice of heaven on earth. There are a lot of places you can go in Edinburgh to get away from it all, but there surely is nowhere quite like the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. A pleasure for all the family, take a walk through the tranquil surroundings and let your worries vanish into thin air. Lush, wonderful, intoxicating…there are no real words available in the English language worthy of describing such a place. It’s something that you just have to feel. ..Useful tip? Be sure to check it out around Christmas time. The garden lights up with the spirit of the season. Pure joy.

The Raeburn: Class is all around when you look about Edinburgh. It’s in the buildings, it’s in the culture and, yes, it’s in the people. Now and again, you’ll come across a place where all of these things meet and gel together, creating a luminous like effect and an air of instant, elevated respectability. It stands out, quite undeniably, from the crowd. The Raeburn is such sort of place. Built in 1832, this elegant Georgian building -once a family home – is now a spectacular hotel, boasting a stylish bar that attracts locals and visitors alike all the year around. Whether you want a night of luxury in one of their ten outstanding rooms, have a special event that needs catered for, or just want to relax and enjoy some amazing food and drink with friends in a stunningly designed establishment, then this lovely location is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Pop along. Have a cocktail. Become a part of its story. 

Stockbridge Market: When we say that Stockbridge has something of the Sunday morning about it, nothing sums that upper better than its weekly outdoor food market. An essential part of every weekend, visiting this Sunday taste treasure will never fail to lift your mood. In fact, by the time Monday morning comes, we’re already looking forward it all over again!. There are other market experiences to enjoy on the Saturday (Leith, Grassmarket and Castle Terrace markets are all an utter delight), but this one at Stockbridge just has something a little bit extra tasty about it. Artisan cheeses, jams, paella…We’re getting hungry just talking about it! Is it Sunday yet?

For a splash of something different, we’d highly recommend a day out in this relaxing and softer side of town.

Take a walk along the Water Of Leith. Take a selfie at the historic Circus Lane. Relax at one of its many quaint cafes.

Whatever you decide to do, it’ll be a memory you will cherish and not soon forget.

From everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you have a truly wonderful week.