Cool Runnings: Keeping Your Home Fresh During Hot Weather

You might not believe it right now, but summer is very much on the way.

Yes, we know, the weather at the moment isn’t quite all that it could be. In fact, if truth be told, it has been a curiously abysmal year thus far, weather wise, even by our own typically crummy standards. Has it been windy every day since Christmas?

But one must be optimistic. Any day now, the sun will put his hat on and it’ll be ice cream, lemonade and picnics in the park right through until September. Huzzah! We can’t wait!

Hot weather, however, does bring with it some burning problems. We all know about keeping hydrated and the importance of sun cream (we’ll remind you again about these later down the road), but have you considered how to keep your home cool should the temperature begin to creep towards boiling point?

It might seem fanciful under the current climate (it’s raining and blowing a gale right now), but if the weather turns even vaguely toasty, you’ll need to figure out a way to keep the home fresh whilst the rest of the world feels like it’s on fire.

So, just in case we actually do get something resembling a summer this year, here are some tips on how to survive the sunshine.

Lighten The Load: It’s a bright and lovely day, so there is no need to have the lights on. Not only is it a waste of electricity, but those bulbs give off heat. Granted, it might not be a lot, but it all adds up. Factor in some other aspects and you’d be surprised just how much things can begin to swelter. Turn off those scolding bulbs and let the daytime do its thing.

Turn Off Tech: Since we’re turning off all of the electric lights, let’s go one step further and do the same with other appliances. All such toys radiate heat, so do what you can to keep things unplugged and switched off. Do you really need to use that oven today? How about something cool instead? Of course, you can’t be expected to live electric free through the entirety of any sort of heatwave, but do what you can. It all helps.

Operation Ice Storm: One electrical appliance that you will want to make great use of during this period is the good old electric fan. If you don’t have one, best to get one. They’re not terribly expensive and will be a major relief to you when things start to get uncomfortable. And, for a bit of an extra arctic blast, why not put a bowl of ice in front of it? It’ll bring an extra bite of chill and you’ll have a nice, cool drink once it has all melted. Result!

Your Curtain Call: Your first instinct on a lovely summer day might be to open up the curtains and let that sunlight in, but such a move could just end up turning your home into a giant greenhouse. Try keeping your curtains and/or blinds closed throughout the day if you can. This may contradict or conflict with keeping your lights off at home, so try and make the best trade off that you can. If your curtains are not too thick and dark, you may be able to get away with both.

Welcome The Night: As bedtime arrives and the sun begins to lose its thump, think about cracking open the windows a bit to let in some of the cooler, night-time air. We’ve all experienced those horribly hot, sleepless nights, so do what you can beforehand to help create the most comfortable conditions possible. Throw on some breathable cotton sheets and that essential fan we spoke about earlier and you should be able to enjoy that well-deserved, undisturbed, summertime snooze.

We all love the sunshine. It’s a bit of a rare sight in this country so, when it does arrive, we all want to make the absolute best of it. Just don’t forget to prepare. You’ve got the sun cream. You’ve got the lemonade. Heck, you’ve even got the t-shirt. Just make sure you keep your cool around the home.