Autumn Home Essentials: What You Need

Okay. We need to talk.

I know! I know! You’d really rather not. You’ve got a tonne of work to do and, let’s face it, this isn’t a situation in which you will be doing an awful lot of the talking, is it. I’m a blog. I talk to you. You…well…you read and try and find sense in anything that I have to say.

But, ladies and gentlemen, what I am about to relay to you is of the utmost urgent urgency. Top of the list! Priority numero uno! And, yes, it’s also very important.

Because, despite the unseasonably mild weather we have been having over recent days and weeks, autumn is well and truly here. And you need to get ready.

The true face of the season is soon to be revealed and, whether you like it or not, when the mask finally slips, it is not going to be pretty. No, no, no. It’s going to be wet, windy, cold and dark. And, to make matters just a trifle more interesting, it’s going to be all of these things and in Scotland. Which means all of this is going to be ramped up to eleven and then some.

However, there is still time for you to prepare and be utterly on top of whatever it is that is coming our way. 

So, put aside a few minutes, whip out your notepad and quill, and take some notes on what you need to do to prepare for autumn this year.

Here we go.

Double Duvet: Not that long ago we were all kicking off our blankets at 2am, trying to cool down from the summer heat. Now, well, things are beginning to change. It’s not quite that winter chill just yet, but we’re not so eager to flip away our bed covers anymore. So, as things start to get ever cooler, it may be time to dig out your thicker duvet and make sure that it is fit for purpose. If it isn’t or, heavens above, you don’t have one, then it may be a good time to make a much needed purchase. In all honesty, you might not need it quite yet, depending on how sensitive you are to the cold. But, if anything, it is the time to make the right moves and make sure you are prepared for those minus temperatures that are, undoubtedly, coming down the road. Do that, and you will get a warm and snuggly night of sleep….Yawn…Zzzzz.

Throw Time: On the subject of blankets, this time of year is simply made for taking advantage of an attractive throw. It looks so enticing draped over your sofa, helping to create that lovely autumn feel that just makes you want to cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a good book. But, of course, these are more than just a pretty accessory to add to your living room. These things are very effective in keeping you snug when the cold weather bites. With the cost of living crisis still hurting and the concerns about turning up the heating still niggling at the back of your mind, a quality throw will help ease any discomfort and help save a few pennies from draining out of your bank account.

Candle Sense: We all love a candle or two around about this time of year. Whether at home, a restaurant or a bar, October hits and they all come out of the cupboards and create a dazzling display in any room. They create a romantic and warm atmosphere that we just love to embrace as the days darken and the air cools to ice. And scented candles, of course, will only add to that cosy feeling as wafts of cinnamon and pine dance around in the air. However, the most essential reason you should dig out some candles around about now is the most obvious reason: light. If there is a power outage, you’ll be thankful to have them on hand to see you through, particularly if the lights are out for a lengthy period of time…But please, PLEASE, be careful, sensible and alert. Keep them away from anything flammable and never leave the room alone whilst they are still burning. Safety is paramount.

Supply Preparations: Getting yourself some candles in case of a power outage is a great idea. But there is no need to stop there. In fact, if you’re smart, it would be well worth your time stocking up on items that you may need if, for some reason, you can’t leave your property. Of course, in the world of Deliveroo and other delivery services, you can get pretty much anything brought to your door within minutes or, certainly, hours. But this can cost extra money and they may not have exactly what you need in that moment. And, if you happen to be unwell, interacting with a delivery person may not be the most desirable approach…Batteries, First Aid items, tinned goods, water, tea…It’s always good to be prepared. Stock up for the worst case scenario and you will be ready for whatever the season throws at you.

Self-Care: All of these things we’ve talked about here today all contribute to a central idea that we all forget to lean into from time to time, but can be especially important around about now as the weather becomes more and more bleak and difficult to negotiate with. And that central idea is ‘Self Care’. No we don’t mean being thoughtless and selfish and unwilling to be generous with your time, money and other things. It simply means to remember to do the things that make you happy. Hopefully being generous and thoughtful is key to that. Just remember to put aside time for you. Whether that’s to take a bubble bath, have an hour to read a book or maybe catch up on some films on your chosen streamer. Remember, you are the bulb that brings light and life to your home. And we don’t want that light to burn out because you’re stressed, tired and angry. Take care of yourself and be the super cool cat that you are.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. We here love it and hope that you love it too. But it can also be a testing time. Therefore, why not start getting ready in any way you can and avoid any problems or discomforts that could come your way.

And, as a bonus, you’ll also be ready for the winter that follows! Great, right?  Now that’s smart thinking.

In any case, from everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you are all happy, healthy and well.

Take care and happy autumn everybody!