All Summers End: Are You Ready For Autumn?

If I were to throw caution to the wind and grant myself the privilege of an educated guess, I’d probably say that the answer to that particular question was “Of course not, you daft old turnip. Now bog off!”…Or something loosely to that effect.

But, kind ladies and gentle sirs, the season of autumn is now very much upon us.

It might not feel like it just yet. The sun is out, it’s still vaguely warm and, if you listen closely, you can still hear the sound of flip-flops slapping down, not so tenderly, on an exasperated and unsuspecting pavement.

But it’s true. According to the meteorological calendar, the first day of autumn falls on 1st September. Sigh.

I know. It’s a bummer, right…Or is it?

Because, to tell you the truth, we here at Belvoir Edinburgh are rather fond of the old Autumn Season. Sure, we love the summertime. The sunshine, the long days, the ice cream, the smell of freshly cut grass…the ice cream…

Autumn time, however, holds a special place in our soft and loving hearts. For lots of reasons.

But we’re not here to go into that quite yet. That is another blog entry for another day.

What we’re here to talk about is what you can do to prepare your property for the changing months ahead.

Yes, we hear you: it’s only September. There’s still plenty of great weather to be had and even a shy sun tan to be gained, if we’re really lucky. But this month always tends to feel a bit like the last days of a holiday abroad. As much as we try to enjoy it, we know too well that there’s packing to do, planes to catch and a cold, hard reality to confront when normal greets us once more at our own front door. It’s still all very nice, of course. But it’s not the same. 

The days are beginning to dwindle. The colours of green ache and shift. September has arrived, good friends, and the life of summer is slowly thinning away.

So let’s take some time, you and I, to plan for the future. The next corner in this year’s journey. 

How can you prepare your home for the autumn season?

Let’s take a look.

Gutter Clutter: In case you somehow missed it, the summer of 2023 was, well, somewhat changeable. Wind, rain and probably snow (okay, maybe not snow) battered us left, right and centre when we were supposed to be basking in twenty-five degree sunshine and sipping an ice cool margarita in the back garden. So, perhaps more than most years, debris is quite likely to have been picked up by the unseasonable conditions and distributed in places that you really don’t want – like your gutter. It might seem like a trivial thing, but having a blocked gutter can cause some serious problems for your property if left unchecked. And early autumn is the perfect time to get it looked at and make any repairs that need to be made. Whilst you’re there, take a look at your roof tiles and any other exteriors that may need some care and attention. Remember, a damaged exterior causes a flooded interior. And that’s the last thing you’ll want to deal with when the weather is on full throttle .Having said that, this won’t be the last time you’ll need to make such inspections before next spring. That November rain has the potential to cause all kinds of havoc to your home, so take the opportunity when you can to have a peek around and make a detailed assessment. But remember: if you’re not confident or comfortable doing it yourself, do get someone more experienced to do it for you. Your safety is paramount and it’s best to get someone up there that can get the job done to the highest standard possible. 

Boilers & Radiators: One of the more obvious changes we all notice as autumn draws near is the temperature. Whilst it hasn’t been an especially memorable summer this year in that regard, autumn is going to be a good deal cooler still. And when winter hits? Well, we all know what happens there if you happen to live in Scotland. So, rather than wake up one chilly morning to a rather nasty surprise, book yourself a heating engineer to get your boiler checked out. They tend to be busy during the winter, generally for reasons you’re trying to avoid, so get in there early and give yourself peace of mind. No one gives their boiler a second thought – until it goes wrong. Don’t be that person. Likewise, give your radiators a test run to make sure they’re heating up effectively. During the summer months, air can get trapped in the pipes and, as a result, patches won’t heat up quite as well. If this is the case, bleeding your radiator is a two minute job and should solve any issues quickly. It’s not as much of a priority as getting your boiler seen to, but something worth doing now nonetheless.

Insulation Inspiration: Another important aspect when considering keeping your home at a comfortable temperature during uncomfortable months is your property’s ability to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. This may seem like common sense -and it is. But it’s not always as straightforward as you might assume as there are many areas in which you can lose heat and, as a consequence, potentially a bundle of cash in your pursuit to keep toasty. A well-insulated home is an economically efficient home, so check to see where insulation can be improved and drafts can be blocked. Some jobs may be bigger than others, such as improving your loft insulation. However it will most definitely be worth the financial cost when it comes to long term gains. If that is not a route you can go down at this particular moment in time (let’s face it, we’re all tightening the purse strings currently), then do what you can to seek out any gaps around windows, doors, etc, and make sure that those entries are eliminated as much as possible. They may seem small, but they can most definitely bite when the cold weather sweeps in. 

Autumn Design: Getting your home to reflect or compliment the autumn season isn’t something you need to do right now. As we’ve already noted, the summer isn’t entirely dead and buried just yet and there’s still just enough light to keep your optimistic June decor pouting with pride and defiance. However, it might be an opportune moment to consider how you’re going to play your home design game as we enter into the last quarter of the year. In truth, there is plenty of opportunity to change it around during this period. Guy Fawkes Night, Halloween, Christmas…It’s all about change, which is a key component of the seasons. But, for now, consider consistency as your key goal to shoot for. Reds, browns and yellows are colours that define autumn time, so try and incorporate them as much as possible into your rooms. Remember, we’re going for warmth and cosiness here. So, treat yourself to a nice sofa throw or/and some super soft cushions. Candles, especially candles scented with an autumn theme, light up the season so effectively and produce an atmosphere that creates a truly magical feeling of comfort and joy. Wreaths are also extremely attractive, whether on your front door or your living room wall…You get the idea. Look at your home and make the choices that are right for you. There’s a whole world of inspiration out there. Be creative and live your best home life.

Security Maturity: When it comes to city living, logic dictates that the likelihood of crime, in one form or another, is likely to increase. There are more people and, therefore, more chance that laws can be broken. Edinburgh, as it happens, is a very safe city when compared to others across the UK. However, nowhere is completely immune. And, in these times where struggle and exploitation are on the rise and the days are creeping ever shorter, it’s best to be prepared. Check your locks and security systems to make sure they are functioning as they should. If you don’t have a security system, shop around for a deal. Many revolve around your mobile phone and small cameras these days and can be picked up for a very reasonable price. And, if you have a garden, make sure it is tidy and that obscuring branches are cut away. This helps limit hiding places for intruders and keeps a clear view for any outside security cameras you may have…As we have just mentioned, the likelihood of a crime occurring is minimal, so there’s no need to panic. It’s simply good to be prepared and get into positive habits, so you can get on with your life safe in the knowledge that you and your family are secure.

We know you don’t want to think about it just yet, but getting ready for autumn is something that needs to be done and will be made all the easier if you’re all prepped nice and early.

Is there anything you think we missed out on our list? How do you usually prepare for the changing of the season? Be sure to let us know.

From everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you are all well and enjoying the last of the summer wine.

Take care and have a fantastic week!