Size Up, Size Down: Advantages Of A Smaller Home

Have you ever thought about moving into a property that is a little bit more – how should we put this? –  compact?

To most, it’s a question barely worth thinking about. The very idea of abandoning your airy, three story home for some pint sized apartment down the road can seem nothing other than all together ludicrous. Who would want that? Why would you want that? What did you put in your coffee this morning and does your mother know?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s take a moment here to reflect and consider. Should we really be dismissing such an idea so hastily? Is it really, as many would have you believe, all that ludicrous?

The truth of the matter is, having a smaller place to live does come with its advantages. No, it may not have quite the space for your ideal ‘Entertainments Quarters’ and it might not have quite the Wow factor that you initially envisioned. But open your mind. Hear us out. We think we might just be able to bring you around.

In any case, strap yourself in and get ready to be amazed. Because here are 5 advantages of having a smaller home.

Cheaper: Unless you purchase your new pad in some super expensive Disneyland of golden grass and permanent summer, it stands to reason that, generally, a smaller property is going to go for much less than a larger one. It also stands to reason that, given its size, it is also going to be a lot cheaper to run. Electricity bills will be smaller. Fewer aspects will break down and need replacing…You get the picture. Smaller home, bigger bank account.

Less Cleaning: There is so much to do on our short time on earth. Do you really want to spend hours on end rubbing and scrubbing and picking and polishing? Of course you don’t. If you have a smaller space to deal with, you’re going to have far less to clean. So, pack away the bucket and cloth. Kick up a chair and enjoy the sunshine.

Cosey: There is something just so much more cosey about a nice little home. Everything is cuddled together and feels like a warmer place to be, even in these chilly January days. A big property can often be in danger of feeling quite empty and lifeless, whilst a place with fewer and smaller rooms can speak to us in a more intimate and loving fashion. It might not carry the financial clout of a castle, but you can’t put a price tag on charm.

Family Bonding: Connected to the above point is the issue of social interaction. As we discussed in a previous blog, it’s far easier to avoid other members of your family if you have a gazillion rooms and a tennis court. This is quite often seen as an argument for actually going for a larger place. But, in reality, having a close family unit is irreplaceable and any opportunity to spend time together should be greatly encouraged rather than avoided, even if you have heard all your father’s stories of the ‘olden days’ one too many times before.

Selling Up: If it turns out that a smaller home is not for you, or if circumstances, as they often do, wriggle and twist and change, then selling up could be a lot easier than if it were something grander. Smaller homes are more affordable to a broader percentage of the population than larger ones and there would be a great many who would be eager to take such a property off your hands and make use of the many advantages it presents, along with the five that we have mentioned here today.

A small home can be a perfect home. It can be practical, financially manageable and, most importantly of all, comfortable. But do you agree? Perhaps you see problems with such a move. Perhaps it is still, as we touched on before, ludicrous

Well, in the spirit of balance, next week we shall conclude our Size Up, Size Down series taking a look at some of the disadvantages of a smaller home. We hope to see you there.

From everyone here at Belvoir Edinburgh, we hope you are all keeping well and that you are managing a cheeky smile here and there. Take care of yourselves. Keep safe and keep going.

Happy Housekeeping.