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Photography Secrets: Top Pro-Styling Tips To Give Your Home The Edge

When it comes to showing your home at its absolute best, professional photos are nothing less than essential to stand out from the crowd and capture the imagination of serious viewers. Nonetheless, even with a specialist photographer behind the camera, there's plenty you can do to set the stage and help them take the perfect picture.

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Is Buy-to-let Broken? Facts, Figures and Future Trends for Private Landlords

Changes in lending criteria mean landlords have to put in more of their own money; changes in tax policy have affected initial yields; changes in lettings legislation have changed what it is to own a rental property.

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Having Fun at New Apartment

Moving With Children? How To Sell And Be Settled Before The New School Year

If you thought you'd missed the boat for a family move this year, the good news is you've still got time. With the speed of the current market, you can sell your home and be in your new one by the end of the school holidays.

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Entrepreneurs, business owners, accountants, real estate agents, focusing on tabletop home models with women using home equity budget calculators to assess their financial risks.

Protection Money: A Guide to Landlord Insurance and Reducing Your Premiums

Although it isn’t a legal requirement to insure rental homes, a survey of 3,000 landlords revealed that around 85% do protect their buy-to-lets. For the other 15%, research by LV suggests that landlords spend £600m every year on repairs that could be covered by insurance.

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Modern kitchen in empty apartment

Unfurnished Lettings: What Features Do Tenants Pay More Rent For?

With renting no longer seen as a temporary measure, tenants are looking for a sense of permanence combined with more comfort. This means surrounding themselves with their own belongings in a well-presented and well-equipped home.

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BIGGER AND BRIGHTER: How To Make Your Home Feel Lighter And More Spacious

Of all the different things buyers ask for when looking for a home (from the style, to the location, to the price), two things transcend everything: light and space.

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PREMIUM LETTINGS: how to attract high-earning professional tenants

How to attract professional tenants. It's a lucrative market of high-earning people who'll pay a premium rent for the right home. But what exactly do they want?

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HOW DO YOU MOVE? A step-by-step guide to selling your home

We deal with people selling their home in Basingstoke every day, and knowing what to expect goes a long way towards a seamless move. Here's our step-by-step guide.

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HESITANT TO SELL? Should you find a home first, or a buyer now?

People have been achieving extraordinary prices for their homes so is now a good time to put your home on the market?

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VIEWINGS: Should your agent show buyers around your home, or should you?

Nobody knows your home better than you, but does that make you the best person to show buyers around?

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The Pros and Cons of open-plan living

An open-plan home with shared living, dining and kitchen spaces can have many benefits. But there are also disadvantages to consider.

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Landlords insurance concept.

3 Things To Know About Landlord Insurance in Basingstoke

What important things should you should know about landlord insurance? Our blog looks at what it is and the types of insurance available.

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