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Declutter for good: start your 2022 with a room-by-room reset

New Year is also a catalyst for change and the increase in energy makes January the perfect time to declutter your home, regardless of whether you're staying or selling

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What do buyers want? Five fundamental factors that turn viewings into sales

While practical considerations like size and price play a part when choosing a new home, the most influential factor of all is how it feels.

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Which is better, renting or owning a home?

Whether you’re going to rent or planning to buy, your next move in Basingstoke is a personal choice. We look at the pros and cons for both.

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2021 RENTAL REVIEW BASINGSTOKE: A thank you to landlords and tenants

A look at the lessons of the the home rental market and challenges and opportunities faced by landlords and tenants in 2021.

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LETTING TRENDS for 2022: a landlord's guide to future demand for buy-to-lets

By keeping on top of market trends and evolving lifestyles, buying-to-let can be a profitable business. We look at the trends for 2022.

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What Are the Benefits of Selling to a First-Time Buyer? Tips on How to Attract Them

If a first-time buyer is interested in your home, this is great news! While there can be downsides to selling to a first-time buyer, there are just as many benefits that can outweigh the cons.

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How to Decorate Your Home This Christmas: 6 Stylish Decorating Ideas

When you’re selling up, Christmas decorations need to be handled in the right way. Here are 6 tricks to decorating your home when it’s on the market.

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Selling in December: Add winter magic to launch or restart your move

If you're selling your home, the Boxing Day Bounce brings the year's largest audience to the property portals. Here's why putting your property in December is a good idea.

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Longer lettings: how to attract and keep great tenants for years

Every landlord and tenant wants exactly the same thing: security and stability. Here's how to attract and keep your tenants.

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How to Prepare Your Basingstoke Garden This Winter

Are you selling your home over winter? Just because mowing season has come to an end, that doesn’t mean your garden has to lose its appeal during the colder months.

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Renting to Families: our 5-step formula for the perfect buy-to-let

Families look for particular qualities in considering whether a property is suitable for them, so this week is all about ensuring your buy-to-let property ticks all the boxes as a family home.

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Hot property: how to achieve the very best price for your home

There's no such thing as an unsellable home, and every property in every price range has the capacity to generate high levels of interest. Here's why.

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