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Moving Playlist: Beats and Ballads to Listen to When Relocating in Basingstoke

Here’s a list of songs to keep you going as you hand back the keys to one property and settle into your new home.

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Why Are So Many Basingstoke Homeowners Selling So Soon After Buying?

Over the past few years, notably during the pandemic, the real estate market in the UK has experienced considerable shifts.

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What Does the General Election Mean for Renters Reform?

With the general election coming on 4 July, let’s take a look at what this could mean for the reform of rental law going forward.

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Summer Selling Guide for Basingstoke Property Owners

If you’ve been thinking about moving home for a while, now’s the time to grasp the moment and get your property plans moving.

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Deposit Deductions: What Basingstoke Landlords Need to Know

When a tenancy ends, there’s often confusion – and sometimes disputes – over what a landlord can claim as a deposit deduction.

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How to Get Through Father’s Day When You’re Finding It Tough

While some people will enjoy a nice meal or a family catch-up this Father’s Day, the event will trigger more complex emotions for others.

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Understanding the Property Market: £/sq.ft Trends in the UK, South East, and Basingstoke

The property market in the UK is a complex and multifaceted entity, characterised by a myriad of factors that influence property prices and values.

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Five Senses to Find Dream Home in Basingstoke

How the Five Senses Can Help You Find Your Dream Home in Basingstoke

Buying a home is a huge undertaking that many property hunters find exciting – but also a bit scary.

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Basingstoke End of Tenancy Checklist

Check-Out Guide for Basingstoke Tenants

Once you’ve agreed on a moving date with your landlord or letting agent, follow this guide.

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Basingstoke Property Market Stability

Why Hasn’t the Basingstoke Property Market Crashed?

The UK property market has demonstrated remarkable resilience despite facing significant challenges over the past 18 months. Many analysts in the autumn of 2022 predicted a severe downturn in house prices, driven by economic uncertainty, a cost-of-living crisis, and rising mortgage rates.

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How Does the General Election Affect Basingstoke House Prices?

The recent announcement by the British Prime Minister regarding the next general election set to take place in early July 2024 has inevitably stirred discussions about its potential impact on the Basingstoke property market. Historically, general elections are periods of heightened uncertainty, often leading to speculation about their effects on house prices and transaction levels. However, examining past trends reveals a relatively stable market, with only minor fluctuations in transaction volumes.

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Rental Red Flags for Basingstoke Landlords

Rental Red Flags: Warning Signs Basingstoke Landlords Should Look Out For

If you’re a landlord, you can probably think of nothing worse than your rental sitting empty.

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