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Property Market Update: What’s been happening in the UK Property Market June 2021

It’s been a crazy busy one for us and indeed most agents throughout the UK. The UK property market is continuing to enjoy a boom, with prices still rising in most areas, although with the first stamp duty deadline looming, prices may begin to plateau slightly.

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PROFESSIONAL PRIDE: Why being an Estate Agent is a Privilege

Have you ever listed all the things you love about your work? It’s an illuminating exercise in clarifying all the reasons you do what you do. For some people, it can even be the catalyst for a change of career.

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What is Probate Property? Everything you Need to Know

You may have heard about probate and “probate property” but not really know much about what it actually means.

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7 Security Gadgets to Protect your Home

Nobody can place a price upon the importance of keeping your family and property safe. However, with so many technology pieces on the market today, it can be challenging to know where to start with investing in gadgets to protect your home.

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Plan and Prepare: Your Moving Home Checklist Courtesy of Belvoir Basingstoke

Moving home! The very thought of it is probably enough to send shivers down your spine and cause you to break out in a cold sweat, and this is unsurprising as moving home is right up there with divorce and death when it comes to heightened stress levels!

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5 Ways Basingstoke Landlords Can Reduce Their Upkeep Costs

While there are many reasons people become landlords, there are no two ways about it – the most common reason is money. If you’re a landlord, you may well have invested savings or taken out a buy-to-let mortgage on a property. You’ll be thinking about the return on the investment in terms of rental yields and the property’s potential value in the future.

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5 Ways To Add Value To Your Basingstoke Property

For homeowners in Basingstoke looking to add value to their property, house extensions and renovations are pretty much guaranteed to do the job. But what if you’re a homeowner without the time and/or budget to invest in a full-blown extension?

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Your 6 Step Guide to the Conveyancing Process

Finding the house of your dreams in Basingstoke is exciting and your next step is to secure the property as soon as possible. But buying a new home can be a complex process, particularly when it comes to understanding the conveyancing procedure.

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What Do I Need To Do For End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

When you’ve been letting a property, whether it’s been for just six months or six years, the tenant should make sure the place is clean and tidy before they leave. A good landlord will require the property to be in a tip-top and sparkling condition ready for the new tenants so we often get asked; “What do I need to do for end of tenancy cleaning?”

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Is Boris’s 95% Mortgage Announcement a Good Move for First Time Buyers in Basingstoke?

Getting on the first step of the property ladder can seem like a giant leap these days, can’t it? If you’re young and haven’t been able to save up a deposit, it might seem that your dream of home ownership coming true is something that might only happen in the distant future.

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Electrical Safety Inspections: Everything Landlords Need to Know

When you are a landlord, you should remember that people actually live in your property! It’s more than just bricks and mortar and an investment. It’s ultimately someone’s home.

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Our Top 10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Rental Property in Basingstoke

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